Oct 21st: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Richard Stevenson

The above club resumed after Covid, with a highly entertaining President’s (Richard Stevenson) display on German Deutsche Reich from 1919 – 1932.

Using an exceptional range of wonderful material, stamps of 25, or 100 blocks, airmails, overprints, war damage assistance material, and outrageously priced bank notes, Richard’s main theme was to reveal the hyper, ”zillion % inflation of WW1.

Sadly, behind the postal items, was the images of abject child poverty, family hardships, begging, pressures on all care units in society.

Vote of thanks given by Ian Anderson.

Nov 4th: ASPECTS OF ASTRONOMY – Margaret Morris

“Out of this world!!!” might well have been Mike Turnbull’s Vote of Thanks to Margaret Morris for her outstanding display on Astronomy at the last meeting of the above club.

On 144 pages of world–wide stamps, postcards and appropriate memorabilia Margaret illustrated eclipses of sun, moon, stars, comets and signs of the Zodiac. Several of the stamps were over 100 years since posting.

A second round showed postal material depicting instruments, technology and postal items from many world-wide Observatories and research stations. Using dates of sightings of certain stars, Margaret discussed the possible links to the star at the birth of Jesus.

“Out of this world”. Certainly true comments, for this is a Gold Award presentation to a wide variety of interested societies. Well done Margaret for a most interesting and entertaining evening.