Oct 21st: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Richard Stevenson

The above club resumed after Covid, with a highly entertaining President’s (Richard Stevenson) display on German Deutsche Reich from 1919 – 1932.

Using an exceptional range of wonderful material, stamps of 25, or 100 blocks, airmails, overprints, war damage assistance material, and outrageously priced bank notes, Richard’s main theme was to reveal the hyper, ”zillion % inflation of WW1.

Sadly, behind the postal items, was the images of abject child poverty, family hardships, begging, pressures on all care units in society.

Vote of thanks given by Ian Anderson.

Nov 4th: ASPECTS OF ASTRONOMY – Margaret Morris

“Out of this world!!!” might well have been Mike Turnbull’s Vote of Thanks to Margaret Morris for her outstanding display on Astronomy at the last meeting of the above club.

On 144 pages of world–wide stamps, postcards and appropriate memorabilia Margaret illustrated eclipses of sun, moon, stars, comets and signs of the Zodiac. Several of the stamps were over 100 years since posting.

A second round showed postal material depicting instruments, technology and postal items from many world-wide Observatories and research stations. Using dates of sightings of certain stars, Margaret discussed the possible links to the star at the birth of Jesus.

“Out of this world”. Certainly true comments, for this is a Gold Award presentation to a wide variety of interested societies. Well done Margaret for a most interesting and entertaining evening.

Nov 18th: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – Famous Events

At a recent meeting 9 friends displayed a wide and interesting variety of stamps and postal items for “Members’ Night, under the theme of “Anniversaries”.

First up was appropriate bicentennial items for the bard, Burns, including stamps from Russia celebrating “The Bard”.

Next, from an expert gardener, was eye-catching enlarged stamps depicting carnations. Two for the price of one was a winner with “Stamps on Stamps.” Items from many Commonwealth countries showed suitable anniversaries of Rowland Hill, pioneer of postal work.

100 years of Naval Aviation held the attention of the audience, while another display took us “Doon the Water” to the Dumbarton shipyards and pursuit of “The Cutty Sark.”

The London Exhibition of 1851 was rightly highly praised and the exquisite material was much admired. When a Queen gets to ripe old age of our Queen personal and family anniversaries abound and were well displayed.

The earliest anniversary recorded on the evening was stamps depicting the flight of God’s people from Egypt after the first Passover, linked later to the Lord’s Supper.

All in all, an excellent evening’s entertainment !!!


Postponed due to Covid restrictions.


The old saying “Variety is the spice of life” was again proved true when members of the stamp club viewed nine worthy displays at the annual competition night.

The winner of the “General Class” was President Richard Stevenson, with well-ordered material from German Deutsche Reich 1872- 1918.

Jean Osborne’s excellent display on the life of the composer Verdi, caught the attention of members and rightly won the Thematic Class.

A well-arranged show of sunny cards lifted the Mist from the Isle of Skye, and won Postcard honours for Mike Turnbull.

The President’s choice was Bill Izett’s pages on “Mountains of the Lord” depicting specific biblical incidents of major importance.

Jan 20th: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – Anniversaries on Stamps

The theme for the latest members’ night was “Anniversaries”. Obviously due to long life and reigns of the Queen and the Queen Mother, these were prominent in the displays.

Mike Turnbull offered 30 sheets of beautiful items from multi Commonwealth countries, under the title of “The Lady of the century”, on the Queen Mother’s 95th birthday.

Out of an abundance of potential material available, Don Crawford offered a selection on the Queen’s Coronation.

Exquisite Christmas Cards, Forgeries, Special Dinners under the umbrella of the South Kensington Museum Exhibition on the 50th anniversary of the Penny Black was expertly addressed by Jean Osborne.

Walter Bruce used his imagination by displaying 16 anniversaries of different stamp issues.

A selection of the record gold medals of Team G.B. at the Olympic Games of London 2012 was shown by Bill Izett.


This meeting took the form of a preview of items which will be on sale at the Club’s annual Auction Sale, on Thursday 17th February starting at 7.30pm. Some 400 items are listed in the Catalogue, giving a wide choice to Stamp and Postcard collectors alike. Apart from Stamps and Postcards, items such as empty albums, stock books, magnifying glasses, and the like, (handy for beginners) are available to bid for. Several collectors from outwith the Club attended the preview. The Auction is open to any interested Group or individual.

Feb 17th: AUCTION

The February meeting was the annual auction night, when many of approximately 400 lots went under the hammer. Due to the great input by the Packet Secretary a record number of postal bids were successful. A teenage “convert” to philately left absolutely delighted at his purchase of a very updated coloured catalogue and lovely items from the Scottish islands.

The six officiating committee members are to be congratulated on the efficient running of the auction, and are delighted at the financial return to the club.

Mar 3rd: MIKE’S WORLD OVERPRINTS – Mike Turnbull

At the March meeting of the above club, local member Mike Turnbull displayed many fascinating stamps on what he entitled “JUST Great Britain …. with a few additions.”

The additional print on the stamps, among many other sub heads, was, new price surcharges, Inland Revenue rates, Royal visits, charitable overprints, In Memoriam issues Airmails, forgeries, and sporting anniversaries.

Providing a fine evening’s entertainment, the display opened out to trace the same headings from a wide variety of countries.

The vote of thanks began with “speechless”, but conceded the necessity of describing the material as “Fantastic, phenomenal and wonderful.”

Mar 17th: SOCIETY VISIT – Glasgow Thematic Society

A man, dressed as a postage stamp, entered a fancy dress ball. He won, He was first class. That was the tone of the latest meeting of the above club.

Alan Blakeley, representing Glasgow Thematic Society displayed material on US. National Park Service, while home member Mike Turnbull rendered A Musical Assortment.

Alan showed beautiful stamps and postcards of historic events that might have seriously damaged American prairies and beauty spots, His display covered mail about Wells Fargo, the Oregon Trail, Wells Fargo and the opening of the rail-roads.

This was followed by stamps of various Presidents whose vision established, and preserved for the nation, and visitors, multi National Parks. Next came multi-coloured stamps and postcards illustrating all the national parks.

Under the banner of assorted musical items, Mike’s material covered composers, conductors, songs of every genre, opera halls, nursery rhymes, and Christmas carol. In fact there was “no lost chord”. All in all another exception evening’s entertainment.

Mar 31st: GOLD COAST – Robert Watt

At the March meeting, when members met to see Robert Watt’s display on Gold Coast, they might have expected stamps about gold mining or of sunny, palm-lined beaches. Not one such item on view!!!!!!

What was actually displayed was far more adventurous and exciting. Using every value, every shade, every overprint, Robert had a beautiful, clearly franked stamp, for each of the island’s 147 post offices.

What a permutation of stamps,…. probably in the area of 2.000 shown!!!!! Other items, intermingled throughout included local postal history, WW1 censored material and a signed proof of a stamp from the collection of an American President.

What an outstanding display on which to end an excellent season’s entertainment.