Sept 5th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Walter Bruce

5th September saw the start of another new season for the above society, when President Walter Bruce welcomed several new members. His vast and outstanding displays were on Queen Elizabeth 2nd Sponsored and Prestige Booklets and on Malta. The booklets showed The Queen’s birthday, Christian heritage, European football, the story of Stanley Gibbons (Philatelic Dealer) and many more much appreciated items.

The items from Malta traced the history of the Island, the award of the George Cross, The Order of St. John, Anti Brucellosis Campaign and many varieties of the Island’s birds and butterflies.

At the start of this our 55th year, Walter expressed the hope that his display would not let down, the high standards of previous years. Walter, relax, and accept our assurance that you have nothing to worry about.

Sept 19th: USA BEFORE 1940 – Tom Erskine

If the stamp material called ”USA before 1940“, shown at the latest meeting of the Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club, was literally just before that date, only a few of the present members, then aged about 6, might have seen a few of the items on display.

However, thanks to an outstanding, vast range of top-drawer material from Tom Erskine, a member of the American Society of Great Britain, everyone present was enlightened by an outstanding display on that chosen era.

Multi–variations from all the past Presidents were on display. Methods of mail delivery over the century included Pony Express, Wells Fargo, Steam Boat, Graf Zepplin, Motor Cycle and even catapult from ship to shore.

Items flown by Amelia Earhart, and others retrieved from crash mail, beautiful items from many exhibitions, brought back nostalgic memories of Winchesters, Cowboys and Indians.

The philatelic purists were not forgotten, as they viewed “just a few“ of some 600 variations of some issues.

Oct 3rd: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – The Colour ‘Blue’

Prior to the main entertainment, mention was made of the encouraging increase in children from P6, P7 at Comely Park Primary, attending the Wednesday lunch time Stamp Club. Great to hear of children laying aside computers and phones to learn more of a most exciting and informative hobby.

The theme of the first members’ night for this season, at Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club, had the theme “Blue“ Obvious links were made to sea and sky.

On view were Postcards of many ships made in Fairfield’s Glasgow around 1902 and in contract to Canadian Pacific Railway for ferries. Other presentations showed shipping items depicting Royal Geographical and Antarctic explorations by Commonwealth Countries.

”Blue Blood,” traced many generation of the British Royal Family, while Gallantry Medals with specific “Blue ribbons“ captivated the viewers.

Amazing how many Great Britain “Blue“ definitives from 2d blue Queen Victoria to modern 32p!!!! The famous “line of ladies” on blue labels, from the Franco British Exhibition of 1908; – multiple variations of the Cook Island 1899, 1/2d blue; – added to a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

Oct 31st: FARMING – Dr Brian Dow

The speaker at the latest meeting of the Falkirk Stamp and Postcard, Dr Brian Dow, took as his theme “Farming”, claiming it was “in his blood”. A beautiful collection of older Postcards traced the developments and improvements in farm equipment, tractors, bailers, ploughs, combines from countries world–wide.

Further documents from 1893 traced land reform acts, before displaying the usual farm animals, and less well-known corn circles. A vast, well documented time of Postal History traced the history of the Highland Show, from moveable venues to the present at Ingleston.

Once again a most enjoyable evening for the members.

Nov 14th: NEWFOUNDLAND & THE MARITIMES – Alan Blakeley

At a November meeting of the Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club Alan Blakeley’s display on Postal History from Newfoundland was rewarded with acclaim ranging from marvellous, unique, to exquisite, wonderful, enthralling.

In pristine condition, envelopes and letters dating from the 1850’s were appreciated by the group. Material on view showed items from Travelling Post Offices (Ships, plane flights, etc.) around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Isles. Movement of mail around the territory was handled by fifteen ships, all Clyde built with ‘guid Scots names’.

Varieties of stamps, including mail across the island, between islands, and internationally were well received. In the later category, two letters that “caught the eye”, were addressed to Bannockburn, and one local to Falkirk. The Falkirk one sent the imaginations racing to try and identify receiver, sender and where exactly was that street in the 1800’s.

Once again a most enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

Nov 28th: FINLAND – Jeff Stone

The late November meeting of the Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club, addressed by Jeff Stone from Aberdeen, was described as “Christmas come early”. Under the title of “Finland“ the speaker showed some of the most beautiful, immaculate Postal History, letters and covers from as far back as 1775. Many of his 1809 items originated as social news from churches to the parishioners. Some fascinating envelopes had a feather attached, indicating delivery to be “fast as a bird“. Guess how fast a delivery of “3 feathers”. Many other items reflected on the times of oppression by Russia. As a mark of protest, some Finnish people covered up the Russian stamps, or mis-placed them on the envelope. Other “golden oldies” from the early 1800’s showed private Companies with appropriate logos. For the critical philatelists in the audience, Jeff traced every variation of only five values of Finnish stamps. If he had displayed his 120 sheets on that one aspect members would indeed have seen a feast of outstanding, and seldom seen items. Once again, an evening of gold medal, top drawer entertainment


A New Year, and a new batch of 13 exciting and well-presented entries for the Club’s Annual Competition.

Under the themes of Great Britain, Thematic, General Interest and Postcards. Subjects displayed were “Unseen and Unheard”, depicting the Royal Navy Submarine issues; a set commemorating the Great War of 1914 – 18; Edward VII mint blocks of 6d purple showing many shades, and faults. (The eventual G. B. winner by Bill Troup; A set commemorating the Great War.)

Under the General theme, via beautiful stamps, we were transported from a cold Scottish night; to the warmth of Nyasaland; to the holiday venue of Monaco; to the beauty of the New Hebrides; to some of the old history of Germany; to the interesting Lichenstein. (The eventual section winner of Frank Souter)

In the Postcard section, Jean Osborne’s winning entry took us back in time to the Empire Exhibition of 1924. This entry was also judged President’s Choice as well.

Of the four thematic entries, Swiss Pioneer Air Mail; 100 years of Naval Aviation; Airlines of the past; and Noah’s Ark, the later, submitted by Bill Izett was chosen by the members.

An excellent evening’s entertainment that would certainly please any new members as well as the regulars.

Jan 23rd: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – The Letter ‘J’

Imaginations were running riot at latest meeting of the above club as members offered displays on the letter “J“.

Among the obvious was an outstanding presentation of beautiful postcards on Japan / British Exhibition of 1910. Another contributor for Japan was some excellent Postal History from 1877, experemental air flights, and Emperor’s coronation items. The first mission work of the Apostle Paul offered items on Jews, Jerusalem, Jesus and Journey. One member, with sea in his blood, rendered the only known ship postcards of vessels beginning with the letter “J”. Joules Verne, novelist and playwright managed to capture attention, while date frankings from various G.B. towns were dated January, June, July. An assortment from Jersey covered many of their thematics depicting island life. Stamps from various Commonwealth countries depicted the Queen’s Jubilee. Probably the most warped imagination began… by Jings, by Jove, while offered a lovely selection of commemorative signed covers for British War Medals from 1914/5.

The President’s vote of thanks summed up the evening’s entertainment.


Report to follow.

Feb 20th: AUCTION

Report to follow.

Mar 5th: SOCIETY NIGHT – Glasgow Thematic Society

The latest meeting of the Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club was a mixture of sorrow and joy; Sorrow in the intimation of the sudden death of Alan Watson, Club Treasurer and stalwart member at Falkirk and one heavily involved in the work of the Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies.

The joy in the evening’s entertainment was supplied by Murray Touche and Brian Dow, visiting from the Glasgow Thematic Society. Murray divided his U.S.A. material into four parts;- Colleges and Universities, Madonna and Jesus, Ducks and “that’s entertainment”. Brian showed a wonderful, extensive range of special signed anniversary envelopes and stamps from almost every sphere of Perthshire life and business. This included Cathedrals, Palaces, professions, sports events from Gleneagles and St. Johnstone F. C.

Due to current anxiety about a spreading disease, and, while many Scots are thinking of cancelling holidays abroad, Brian’s excellent display was a great advert for tourism in Perthshire.

Mar 19th: SIR WALTER SCOTT – Elsie Miller

This meeting was cancelled.

Apr 2nd: THE GOLD COAST – Robert Watt

This meeting was cancelled.


This meeting was cancelled.