Sept 6th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Bill Izett

Last Thursday the President Bill Izett gave two entirely different displays.

The first was the social history of Clackmannan which began with some of the history of the town and included places of interest as well as activities such as the Boys Brigade and Scouts. Looking back there were postcards and covers from the days of coal mining, the textile industry and shipping.

His second display was based on the Ark as in the Bible. It began with the construction of the Ark through to the story of the dove which was released and returned bearing a twig in its beak. The stamps showed the animals which were on board in twos with many humorous comments about them. Finally there were a few items about the WWF and National Trust and their work for animal welfare.

The vote of thanks was proposed by the Vice President Walter Bruce.

Oct 4th: SOCIETY VISIT – Perth P.S.

After the usual business was discussed, President Bill Izett introduced Mrs Danuta Stephen and Mr George Stephen, visitors from Perth Stamp Club, who kindly agreed to display some of their varied collections. Firstly, Danuta set out beautifully presented Polish stamps which were printed and made available in London, by the Polish Government, exiled in London from 1941 – 1944, due to the 2nd World War, after which they were returned to Poland. Altogether, a very well presented display.

Husband George followed with a miscellany of “combo” sheets of well chosen stamps showing cartoons, such as “Dad’s Army/Oor Wullie/The Broons and many more of that type, followed by picturesque booklets depicting Post & Go/Xmas/Olympics/The Goon Show etc. A huge colourful and very comprehensive. Our President called on Jim Young to give the, vote of thanks, which he did, and the Members reciprocated willingly.

Prior to closing the meeting, Members were advised that the next meeting of our Club will be held in the Brown Street Church Hall, behind the Sheriff Court.

Nov 1st: IRAQ – Garry Cheyne

Guest speaker Gary Cheyne began by saying that when he looked at countries he could collect he selected Iraq as it seemed to be the cheapest. His collection is now enormous starting with the Turkish stamps overprinted “Iraq in British Occupation”. His display then covered the issues of several monarchs with examples of flaws and inverted overprints. There were also many postcards and an air letter form from 1933. The second round covered issues from 1980 to date and were mainly propaganda issues with the majority showing President Hussain.

The vote of thanks for a fine display was proposed by the President Bill Izett.

Nov 29th: COLOUR PRECEPTION & OTHERS – Robert Murray

The speaker at the latest Club night was Robert Murray from Edinburgh, whose subject Colour Perception and Others, immediately caught the attention of his audience. Mr. Murray suggested that if stamps were black and white they would have no appeal to collectors.

On the other hand, due to colour and a variety of shades the hobby became much more exciting. Testing us with many experiments on how we perceive colour and how our eyes can be deceived by surrounding the same colour with bright and dark colours. He also high-lighted the problems of trying to evaluate particular items in our collections.

In His vote of thanks, Jim Hay thanked Mr Murray for “opening our eyes” to better appreciate the theme of stamp shades, and described the programme as “fantastic”.

Dec 13th: QUIZ NIGHT

Report to follow.

Jan 10th: COMPETITION NIGHT – Members

The Falkirk Stamp and Post Card Club welcomed the New Year by hosting the Annual Competition, which was run under three sections, namely material from G. Britain, General theme and Thematic entries.

Sadly, partly due to illness this year, entries were down, which suggests that the club still welcomes new members.

The entries for the G.B section were (a) “Greetings” depicting first day covers on films portraying ”The Kiss”;- (b) a 12 page entry on Airmail Letters, generally depicting items of Scottish interest, and (c ) the Post Office afloat showing the vast styles and purposes of shipping on British stamps. The chosen winner being Mike Turnbull’s item (c).

The General Section was easier to define a winner, in that Jim Young’s neat entry on Austrian stamps had no opposition.

The Thematic section attracted three entries, namely; – Something “fishy” from Tuvalu;- The Impressionist Painters;- and Catapult Mail from ship to plane, the eventual winner submitted by Mike Turnbull.

Mike completed a hat trick of wins by securing the President’s choice of best liked.

Jan 24th: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – The letter “I”

At the January members’ night of the Falkirk Stamp and PostCard Club the operative word might have been “ingenuity” as members had to produce displays on the letter “I”.

Multi-stamp collections were from a variety of worldwide islands – birds on Irish stamps and roadshow items; varieties from African Homelands Ceiski Transakei Botswana; Italian colonies and Occupations; Older Post Cards and receipts from the Isle of Skye; many stamps from Commonwealth Islands brought thoughts of warmer climes on a winter’s night.

Still pushing the “I” theme the evening was voted as “Interesting, Intriguing and Informative”. If any readers fancy entering for “The Chaser” it is amazing the knowledge that can be acquired at our meetings!!!


The theme for the latest meeting of the above club might well have been akin to the T.V. programme “Flog It”. The evening’s entertainment was reviewing lots submitted for the annual Auction to be held on the 21st of February in the usual venue in Camelon Church Hall. Members from our own society and some visitors from neighbouring stamp clubs eagerly scanned the 400 lots to see if anything caught the eye, and was favourable to the purse. Items for sale included many good quality albums, a fine range of philatelic literature, first day G. B. covers, many stamps of thematic interest, beautiful mint condition model cars, vans, all related to Royal Mail interests.

The Auction is open to the public and anyone looking for new ideas for birthday gifts for younger family members might just find something to start them on the route to a new and exciting hobby.

Feb 21st: AUCTION

There is a lovely poem about an auctioneer struggling to sell a well-worn violin. Only when it was played in the auction room by the hand of a maestro did the value soar. That was very much the mood at the latest auction in the Stamp Club. What appeared to one person as unworthy material was seen by another as a valuable addition to their collection. The Falkirk Stamp and Post Card Club is very grateful for over 400 lots handed in by members, and thankful for brisk bidding and financial returns from members and visitors. May the buyers have many enjoyable times ahead as they slot new material into their collections.!!!

Mar 21st: A VICTORIAN PHENOMENON – Stewart Gardiner

Any audience addicted to TV would be thrilled to view the recent, “Victoria”. At the last meeting of the above Club members were intrigued, and certainly not disappointed, by Stewart Gardiner’s wonderful display on “A Victorian Phenomenon”. Stewart informed the group about wealthy nobility of the 18th century on Grand Tours to Italy, from where they brought home cameo mementos, later to be used as seals on their letters. Stewart’s first pre Victorian gem was a 1516 seal on an entire letter from the Papal States. A mind blowing assortment of paper based Wafer Seals from Italy in the 1830’ s caught the attention. Further sheets contained examples of seals extensively used in the United States. As gummed envelopes came into fashion, so the need for wafer Seals diminished as security devices. From the 1850,s “Wafers” contained sentimental, love notes. By 1860, the seals were used as postal advertising, or “propaganda” between waring nations, or to promote various exhibitions. If the T.V. drama might have induced a momentary “nod off” there was no chance of that happening during Stewart’s astonishing, and breath-taking presentation. Indeed a joy to behold and a privilege to see.