Sept 8th: GB EVENING – Alan Watson and Ian Anderson

Vice President Jean Osborne welcomed the Members, and after Club business was discussed, invited Member Ian Anderson to speak to his part collection of which consisted of a display of “Great Britain Miniature Sheets”. This was extremely well presented and written up, and his 72 sheets covered the period from 1978 to date.

Ian’s display was followed by another fine display by Treasurer Alan Watson, who entertained the Members with his witty explanation of his collection of the Philatelic Bureau’s issues of “Post and Go” stamps. Again, this display was varied and attractive, perhaps more attractive than the stamps as issued. Alan finished his participation with a short, but very attractive display of stamps showing “Great Britain Heraldry”. Again, well presented and very colourful.

Vice President Jean proposed the vote of thanks to both Ian and Alan, to which the Members responded cordially.

Sept 22nd: SOCIETY VISIT – Caledonian PS

Firstly, Ray Welland displayed postcards of German prisoners of war (1914-1918) which told their own story. He also set up a display of a complete of set of letters, datewise, from a British prisoner in Germany to his mother in Britain, again during WW1. Next to display was Lyn Robinson who showed a very fine collection of photographs of monuments etc., referring to around 1200 AD. Artistic and great for that era.

Later, Lyn showed a very in depth display of modern stamps relating to the American Civil War, right up to the day of surrender on the 3rd of March 1865. David Stalker had a bright display of New Zealand stamps depicting how the Maoris celebrated their New Year. Something very different, with an unusual theme. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

President Rab called on Bruce Petrie to give the vote of thanks, which he did, and the Members responded enthusiastically.

Oct 6th – PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Robert Yeardly

Rab’s first display was mainly early days triangulars from The Cape of Good Hope, which was, presumably, partially a cost cutting exercise!! A very fine collection of overprints, forgeries and different printers, clearly presented and very tidy.

His second display was an unusual collection of South Africa, starting at The Cape of Good Hope and reaching contiguous States/Countries, where one country, if that country ran out of stamps, could use their neighbours’ stamps until, presumably, they had a fresh delivery from their printer!! Again, well displayed and written up, in a straight-forward, easy to read manner.

Packet Secretary, Jean Osborne, was called upon to give the vote of thanks, which she did in her usual Ladylike manner, and to which the Members shewed their appreciation.

Oct 20th: MEMBER’S NIGHT – ‘Green’

President Rab Yeardly went over the usual club business, followed by asking those Members who had brought items from their collections, to set them out on the display boards. The required “Theme” of the displays was “GREEN”.

First up was George Forester who put together, from his collection, stamps depicting flowers, birds and Royalty, all with some reference to the colour “Green”. All quite different, and very interesting. The second contender was Alan Watson, who displayed a very tidy collection of War Medal stamps, all with “Green” somewhere on the attached ribbon. Well documented. Third in line was Mike Turnbull, who had a shewing of sports grounds, campsites, and Parks, all, of course, showing expanses of “Green” grass. Very well displayed and written up.

After our tea break, Jim Young showed us a full board display of photographs of Marilyn Monroe, the actress, now passed away. In the stamps of Jim’s choice, apart from white which was her favourite colour, “Green” was predominant. A wide selection of material. Lastly, Mike Turnbull put on a second display of Railway engines from The “Emerald Isle”. What could be more appropriate!!

Dec 1st: SOCIETY VISIT – Scottish PS

President Rab Yeardley introduced three Members from the Scottish Philatelic Society (Edinburgh), Eric Mason, Mike Humphries and John Law, who had kindly agreed to visit and display some of their individual collections.

First to display was Eric, who had a hugely interesting collection of postcards and “covers” from and to a POW camp in Ceylon, where POW’s were sent from the Boer War (South Africa) in 1900 -1902. Very unusual. Next, Mike showed a collection of “First Day Covers” dated around the mid 1940’s from Germany, Cuba, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Hungary, which were very varied and interesting. To put a collection of that type together, would take some time in ferreting out these postal items.

Lastly, John put on a complex display of stamps from the various named one-time British Dependencies in British Central Africa, British South Africa from 1891 up to 1975. Name changes and territorial areas, such as Nyasaland, Malawi, Zambia, are reflected in the style and presentation of the very varied issues of stamps, over time.

Dec 15th: QUIZ NIGHT

The Members took part in the annual end of year “Quiz Night” which occasioned some hilarity. After all the entries had been examined, it was discovered that Bruce Petrie and Walter Bruce were the winners of the two Quizzes. The Prizes were awarded by the Vice-President, who the closed the meeting by wishing all Members a Merry Xmas and “A Guid New Year”.

Jan 12th: COMPETITION NIGHT – Members

President Rab Yeardly welcomed Members to the meeting, which took the form of a “Members’ Competition Evening”, where Members were invited to present short displays from their collections. Mike Turnbull, who organised the competition, advised the entries would come under three headings, viz:- Great Britain, Thematic and General. There was a fair display from Members and the owners of the displays were entirely incognito, other than by number. When all was set up, Members were invited to judge which ones they could place as 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the three categories.

The eventual Winners were:-
General – Frank Soutar
Great Britain, Thematic, and President’s Shield – Mike Turnbull

Jan 26th: MEMBER’S NIGHT – ‘Army, Navy, Air Force’

President Rab Yeardly welcomed the Members to the meeting, which was arranged to be in the form of “A Members’ Night”. After the usual business was attended to, President Rab indicated that, because of the number of entries by the Members, there would be two showings.

The entries were spread across the world, showing Musicians, The Battle of Britain, Falkland Islands, Solomon Islands, Ships, Planes, British Commemoratives, France 1951 to 1956, Military Gallantry Medals and Crosses, the Prince of Wales and his Wife (1904) on a tour of India, amongst others.

President Rab complimented all the Members who displayed, and the Members showed their appreciation.


This meeting took the form of a preview of items which will be on sale at the Club’s annual Auction Sale, on Thursday 23rd February starting at 7.30pm. Some 400 items are listed in the Catalogue, giving a wide choice to Stamp and Postcard collectors alike. Apart from Stamps and Postcards, items such as empty albums, stock books, magnifying glasses, and the like, (handy for beginners) are available to bid for. Several collectors from outwith the Club attended the preview. The Auction is open to any interested Group or individual.

Feb 23rd: AUCTION

The Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club held its annual Stamps and Accessories Auction in the Camelon Parish Church Hall on Thursday 23rd February at 7.30pm. Since there was 400 lots to get through, President Rab Yeardlly wasted no time in requesting the Auction to commence right away. Experienced Members of the Club acted as Auctioneer, Sold Lots Bills Organiser, Cashier, Sold Lots Identifier and Sold Lots Sorter, respectively, which allowed the Auction to flow smoothly.

At the conclusion of the sale, it was discovered that 50% of the lots had been sold, and with some marked lots, the sold price was gifted to, either Cancer Relief or to Comely Park School Stamp Club, which is supported by the Stamp Club. It was interesting to note that some of those attending the Auction were not Members of the Club, but probably Members from other Clubs, and there was a great many postal bids, which always helps.

Mar 9th: CUBA – Sheila Den (Aberdeen PS)

President Rab Yeardly welcomed Mrs Sheila Den from Aberdeen Philatelic Society, who had offered to display some of her collection of Stamps (more than 150 sheets) and associated philatelic memorabilia from CUBA.

Her display started with showing various means of communication, followed by the first stamp issue in 1855. These mostly showed Leaders heads, together with misprints, forgeries etc. This was followed by the standard stamps intermixed with commemorative issues displaying Cuba’s main industries and exports, such as Tobacco, Bananas, Pineapples, live Turkeys sold on the streets, and RUM!! A very well set up display.

Alistair Moore gave the vote of thanks, and the Members responded wholeheartedly.

Mar 23rd: LAW & ORDER – Valerie Beeken (Durham PS)

Rab introduced Ms Valerie Beeken, a visitor from Durham Philatelic Society. The theme of her two sets of displays, was titled “Law and Order”, which highlighted the Postal Services vis-a-vis the function of the Police Force in Great Britain, and covered many very interesting items associated with the issue of stamps, postal documents and newspaper cuttings amongst other very well sought out items.

The President called on Dr. Ian Anderson to give the vote of thanks, to which the Members responded heartily.


A good attendance of Members was welcomed by Vice Chair Jean Osborne. The various items on the Agenda were discussed, including the Treasurer’s Report, which indicated a slight deficit in the overall funds of the Society. The subject of raising the annual Membership Subscription was raised, but voted against. This may require the Members’ attention at the next AGM. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Members :- Jean Osborne was elected as President, Bill Izett as Vice President with all the other “in post” members agreeing to continue in office. For his extraordinary contribution over more years than perhaps Frank Soutar would care to count, in the the running of the Club and the help he has given to individual Members, and his involvement at Scottish and National levels, the Membership wholeheartedly agreed to present him with a Life Membership Certificate, to which Frank responded appropriately.