Sept 10th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Frank Soutar

Frank Soutar, our President, welcomed a good turnout of Members. The incoming President is always expected to put on a good display on the opening evening, and Frank did not disappoint us.

His first display was related to Lichtenstein which, is a very small country, bordered by the river Rhine, Austria and Switzerland. The stamp display was excellently presented, depicting Religion, Agriculture, Sports, Greetings and Cars among several other themes.

Frank’s second display covered the life story of an artist, name of Albrecht Durer, (1471-1528), born in Nurnberg, Germany. He is regarded as the greatest German Renaissance artist. His work includes Altarpieces, Portraits, Engravings and Woodcuts all of which were depicted on Frank’s display of stamps. This display came up to Frank’s usual expert standard.

The Members showed their appreciation on the call of Vice Chairman Robert Yeardley who moved the vote of thanks.

Sept 24th: AOTEAROA UNWRAPPED – Elizabeth Nairn

Elizabeth Nairn from The Caledonian Philatelic Society two displays showed many commemorative and some definitive, sets of stamps. These stamps depicted the life, people and times of New Zealand. To highlight a few, can be instanced the first ascent of Mount Everest, with Sherpa Tensing Norgay, a Maori, portrayed, the eleven Maori military personnel who were awarded the VC for valour during WW1 and Royal visits to the North and South Islands. An unusual set of stamps were on view, produced under licence, by Western Vinery, which had its own stamps printed and used.

In proposing the vote of thanks, President Frank commented on the amount of research our Guest must have gone into to present such a fine and unusual display, and asked the Members to show their appreciation in the usual manner, which they did, with approbation.

Oct 8th: THE NETHERLANDS – Paul McGowan

The guest speaker on Thursday 8th October was Paul McGowan of the Caledonian PS who gave a display of the Netherlands. Rather than just showing sheets of Netherlands issues in chronological order, Paul selected various aspects of the country starting with early pre-stamp material including a letter written in 1593.This was followed by the first stamp issue of 1852 and essays for the second issue. The impact of the occupation of the Netherlands during WW1 & WW2 was covered in some detail with many censored covers and was followed by a some aviation items from 1910 with postcards and air display posters. One aspect covered in detail was the work carried out to avoid flooding by the construction of massive dykes. The construction of these was illustrated my many postcards with unusual items of mail sent from the construction workers camps. Finally there was a section on the 1928 Olympic Games with official and private postcards and an unused entry ticket.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Jean Osborne who complimented Paul on his interesting commentary.

Oct 22nd: MEMBER’S NIGHT – ‘Congress 2015’

The meeting was in the form of a “Members’ Night” when Members were invited to show a short display from their collection. Many members displayed so many different aspects of stamp collecting that it is difficult to list all the entries. Railways, Mutiny on the Bounty, Stamp Congress Covers, Postcards showing the small town of Moffat, large photographs of Grace Kelly with a commemorative stamp of each photograph shown with each photograph, Booklets, China, Cape of Good Hope, and many more.

The quality of the displays was much appreciated by all the Members.

Nov 19th: SOCIETY VISIT – Largs & District Stamp Club

President Frank Soutar conducted the usual Society business, before welcoming five Visitors from Largs District Stamp Club, four of whom, Messrs Boyd, Ross, McSherry, and King, had come along, by invitation, to display parts of their individual collections.

First to display, Mr Boyd, showed stamps, Post Cards and Postal History documents, all relative to the WW2. Very interesting and well displayed. Mr Ross then set out a fine collection of Scottish Postal History which included items relating to Mileage Posts which were very important in bygone days. A great deal of research had gone into his display.

After a short break, Mr McSherry gave us an insight to the Postal Services within the Cocos (Keeling) group of 27 islands, 1800 miles North of Perth, Australia, which, from time to time was complicated, particularly with the collection and delivery of mail. Many well laid out sets of Commemorative issues in his display. Lastly, Mr King displayed a history of postage stamps from The Sudan. Nearly 100% of theses stamps showed the Camel Post, with a “postman” astride the camel, with postbags attached and the “postman” waving a rifle!! Presumably there was not too much industry or sport to commemorate in The Sudan, with, presumably, thieves and bandits in abundance. Never-the-less, the display was interesting and of its time.

The President called on Mike Turnbull to give the vote of thanks, and the Members showed their appreciation appropriately.

Dec 3rd: SIERRA LEONE – Joe Love & Airships – Mike Turnbull

Two Members of the Society had each agreed to display some 72 sheets from their own collection. First up was a showing by Joe Love, whose chosen country was Sierra Leone. All his stamps were in complete sets, which had some very novel designs. In the country’s early philatelic days, boasted mainly of the output of diamonds and iron. This was a very interesting and colourful display.

Secondly, Mike Turnbull, put on a very different display with the theme of Airships. His display covered the history of the Zeppelins from their being used as bombers in the Italo – Turkish war in 1912 to the use by Germany, France and Italy, for spying and bombing in WW1. After that war, the Zeppelins were put to commercial use, but all that terminated in 1937 following a major crash with a great many passengers killed. Mike’s display also covered a great deal of postal history on the subject of Airships.

President Frank proposed the vote of thanks, which was responded to heartily by the Members

Dec 17th: QUIZ NIGHT

Following the Quiz, it was identified that Alan Watson was adjudged to have the highest score, with Ian Gray taking 2nd place.

Members are reminded that the Club’s Annual Display Competition will take place on 14th January 2016, same place, same time. Categories are:-

  1. Great Britain : May include any postal history whatsoever, Machin Studies, varieties etc.
  2. Thematic : Open to any theme whatsoever.
  3. General : Open to any topic, not covered by anything above.

The judges for any and every entry whatsoever, are the Members themselves. The judges will award the various prizes at the end of the display.

Why not enter something from your collection, and win a prize.

If you don’t enter, you cant win!!!!


Mike Turnbull explained how the three types of displays (Great Britain, Thematic, and General), would be identified, and each Member would, individually, judge the quality of each entry within its grouping, and mark their score card appropriately. There was great interest in all the 14 well displayed entries.

Jim Young was awarded the trophies for both his Great Britain and Thematic entries, while Ian Gray gained the award for the best General display.

Jan 28th: MEMBER’S NIGHT – ‘My Recent Purchases’

The meeting took the form of a “Members’ Night – My Recent Purchases”, when the Members had been invited to put on a very small 12 sheet display. After the usual business was discussed, and those Members who wished to display were identified, President Frank Soutar, stated that he was very disappointed with the small number of Members who were contributing. He explained that this was an opportunity for everyone to take a small part in making the evening entertaining and showing the type of collection which each had.

Alan Watson showed a well displayed series of items relating to the battle of Waterloo, followed by Mike Turnbull’s short showing of the development of Air Mails. Jim Young’s fine display of Canadian stamps, recognising the Queen’s Jubilee Anniversary, was very attractive, as was President Frank’s sheets depicting some very interesting Exhibition Cards showing some beautiful old Buildings and Windmills.


Opening the meeting, President Frank Soutar welcomed some 30 Members and invited Mike Turnbull to speak to the Members. Mike explained the set up of the entries, and advised the Members to examine the 400 lots with care and to keep them in the order in which they were displayed.

Members were kept busy, avidly examining the stamps and accessories that were on show, for one and a half hours.

Feb 25th: AUCTION

Report to follow

Mar 10th: SOCIETY VISIT – Aberdeen PS

Firstly, Graham Searle spoke of his early Canadian Stamps, covering the period 1851 to 1869. In this period, there was a huge variation in values and currency, together with a time up to 1875, when actual postage stamps were not obligatory. Hand your letter over the counter and pay whatever was chargeable. Canada’s postal authorities issued a 12 penny black, as opposed to the G.B. penny black!! A very tidy display of high quality.

Alex Walker followed with his display of Samoa, which covers a number of Islands in that region. He spoke of Robert Louis Stevenson’s time on the Island, and the involvement of the people in both WW1 and WW2, relative to the postal services. A huge number of religious groups and different names of Islands complicated the postal services, but eventually, “Samoa” was agreed to be the postal address. Alex’s talk was both humorous and interesting, and very well set out.

President Frank called on Alan Watson to propose the vote of thanks, to which, members responded enthusiastically.

Mar 24th: MACAU – Richard Cuthbertson

Richard set up his first display of items from Macau, which stands alone but, like Hong Kong, is part of the Chinese Empire. The period displayed was from 1884 to 1910, which contained many “overprints” and some with 2 or 3 overprints, and with stamp bisections diagonally or vertically. Mostly, these stamps were printed in Portugal. The detail of his stamps was tremendous and extremely well set out.

After a break, he then displayed more Macau philatelic items from 1910 onwards. Again, many issues were sent out with “Surcharged” or “Overprints” stamped on each stamp issued. To attain this huge display of very small differences in so many issues, tells a story of hours of searching and examination. These early stamps were “definitive” stamps, with the first “commemorative” issue depicting the arrival of Vasco Da Gama, issued in 1913.

President Frank proposed the vote of thanks, to which the Members responded enthusiastically.

Apr 7th: MEDICINE – Mike Cleary

Mike’s first display of commemorative issue sheets, covered medicines and the people who discovered the various unguents and medicines from way back, such as Louis Pasteur(1822 to 1895), smallpox cures, tuberculosis in animals and many more.

Mike’s second 72 sheet display continued the theme, such as stamps showing the old “hammer and chisel” operations, medicines “to release Demons”, up to heart transplants, limb and other body parts replacements, cure for poliomyelitis, and a great many more issues from a great many countries. Mike’s displays were very well presented and written up.

Vice President Rab called on Mike Turnbull to give the vote of thanks, which he did admirably, to which the Members reciprocated.


A good turnout of Members was welcomed by retiring President, Frank Soutar. After his opening remarks, he called on the various post holders to give their report on the year’s proceedings. The Treasurer’s report shewed a healthy balance. Nothing contentious was raised except one issue which will be re-raised at a future date.

After a short tea break, there followed the election of office bearers for 2016/17, in Committee, for the ensuing year. In the absence of the existing Vice-President who is usually elected to the post of President, that was put on hold. Mrs Jean Osborne was elected the new Vice President, and the Secretary, Treasurer, Packet Secretary were re-elected, with Walter Bruce and Richard Stevenson completing the members of the Committee. Coming to the Members who are outwith the Committee but work quietly in the background, they are:- Website – Douglas Bell, Accounts Examiner – Ronnie Bell, Congress Delegate and ASPS – Mrs Jean Osborne, ABPS – Alan Watson, PRO – Alistair Moore.

Members were advised by retiring President Frank, that the Committee had agreed that the Society’s name within the Constitution had been changed to:- “FALKIRK STAMP & POSTCARD CLUB”. This change alerts anyone who is not a Member of the Club, that Postcard Collecting is a recognised Philatelic branch of Stamp Collecting. Anyone out there who collects POSTCARDS will be made very welcome. There are several Members of the Club who collect both Stamps and Postcards.

The new session will start on the 8th of September at 7.30pm.