Sept 4th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Ian Anderson

New President Ian Anderson welcomed all the Members, but particularly Keith Robinson, returning after a period of ill-health. After the usual business was conducted, as is the long-standing practice, President Ian put on a display of his choice, which turned out to be a showing of Great Britain stamps, stamp booklets and other philatelic items, which he covered and explained with his undoubted expertise. Giving the vote of thanks, Frank Soutar commented on the amount of time and research that Ian must have spent on gathering the items for his two displays. The Members showed their appreciation in the usual fashion.

Sept 18th: NEW ZEALAND – Bob Barclay

Bob Barclay from Paisley Philatelic Group, gave us a talk and display centred on New Zealand. Bob took us on a tour round the islands with a varied selection of stamps, post cards, and postal history items, all well presented and all relative to the route of his “Stamp Journey”, which showed many facets of New Zealand life.

The vote of thanks was given by the President, and the Members responded with a round of applause.

Oct 2nd: LEPIDOPTERA AND NIFTY NEEDLES – Maureen Mathieson

Maureen’s first stamp display covered “Lepitoptera” (Moths & Butterflies) and the second was “Nifty Needles”, which was all about stamps depicting embroidery/lace making/tapestry/needle point etc. Maureen’s displays were beautifully set out, with adequate narratives to each sheet. It was clear that she must have carried out a huge amount of research to collect all the items which she displayed.

Alan Watson gave the vote of thanks, and the Members responded with a round of applause.

Oct 16th: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – ‘Stars’

The meeting took the form of a Members Night, where Members were invited to bring along stamps associated with “STARS”. Members could interpret their own choice of “STARS” from film stars to football stars to astrological stars etc. Seven Members had seven different interpretations, all were excellently displayed. A Members’ bring and buy table was also available.

President Ian Anderson gave the vote of thanks to those who displayed, to which the Members responded appropriately.

Nov 13th: BELGIAN CONGO – Derek Wiltshire

Derek Wiltshire, from the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society, who chose “The Belgian Congo” postal history and stamps as the subject of his display. Initially, he spoke of the dreadful trading in slaves taken from that country which commenced in the 14th century and lasted until 1807. His display showed some of the very old issues together with some postal history (old envelopes/letters from way back) up to recent times. These later stamps depicted the change of routes and delivery times over the years.

The President called on Alan Watson, who gave a very comprehensive vote of thanks to Derek, and the Members responded with a round of applause.

Nov 27th: NORWAY – Brian Dow

Brian Dow, from the Lanarkshire Philatelic Club, entertained the Falkirk Members by displaying two showings of stamps from Norway. Brian’s displays ranged from the very earliest stamps to the present day. His many varied themes included birds, animals, flowers, postal history and the affinity of the Royal families of Norway and G.B.

President Ian Anderson asked Alistair Moore to give the vote of thanks for Brian’s displays, which he did, and asked Members to show their appreciation.

Dec 11th: CONGRESS PLANNING – 2015 Congress

Six Members exhibited displays of stamps which they may wish to enter at the 86th Scottish Stamp Congress at Perth on the 17/18 April 2015. The quality of the displays was excellent, and augurs well for the representation from the Falkirk Society. It so happens that 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the formation of our Society and we have been asked to Host the Congress. Falkirk Members are encouraged to enter at least one display per Member, to show our support for the event.

The Society is holding a formal dinner in April 2015 to celebrate our anniversary. Details to follow.


The first display was relative to the Post Cards and Postal History of the Spey River Valley, which was well presented and interesting. His second display was very different, in that it dealt, in Post Cards and Postal History, with the life and times of Kim Philby, that audacious and bold traitor who eventually landed up in Moscow.

The President called on Mrs Jean Osborne to give the vote of thanks, and the Members responded appropriately.

Jan 29th: SOCIETY VISIT – Dundee PS

Frank Soutar introduced four visiting Members from Dundee Philatelic Club, who gave 4 separate displays of stamps from 4 different countries.

The first showing was of Hyderabad, a State associated with India. The collection of stamps and postal history demonstrated the difficulties in moving mail. Next came a display of Rhodesian stamps, demonstrating the problems of surcharges, “postage due” and postal history.

Thirdly, we were shown 36 sheets of Columbian stamps and postal history accompanied by many interesting posted postcards. Lastly, we were privileged to be shown a very fine display of ships from different shipping lines, with ships’ letters and maritime postal history.

The President gave the vote of thanks and requested the Members to show their appreciation.


This function enables Members to buy and sell, by auction, philatelic material (stamps/albums/ postal history items/philatelic accessories and the like) to each other. Members from other Philatelic clubs are invited to join us. 400 lots were on view and many bargains will be achieved. The date of the auction is Thursday the 26th February at 7.30pm in the Church Hall. This is not a commercial event. Any profit engendered goes to the Society’s funds. Why not come along and find something to add to your collection?

Feb 26th: AUCTION

The meeting took the form of the annual Club Auction where members can sell/buy stamps and philatelic memorabilia. Any monies accrued from this event go to the Society’s funds, with some items sold for the benefit of Strathcarron Hospice. Of the 400 lots on the auction catalogue, some 56% were sold. Several members from other Societies attended.

Members are asked to remember that the Dinner to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the formation of the Society is to be held in the Cladhan Hotel on the 30th of April at 7 for 7.30pm, at which the Provost and his Wife have agreed to attend. To enable the Secretary to advise the hotel of the number of people who will attend this function, will members please contact him as soon as possible.

Mar 12th: SOCIETY VISIT – Stirling PS

President Ian Anderson introduced five visitors from Stirling and District Philatelic Society who displayed five collections of stamps of different themes.

Bob Clark showed early New Zealand of 1840 onwards, Brian Thomson displayed a selection of RAF planes old and new, John Callum put on a show of commercial and military planes with many First Day Covers, John Connel displayed stamps from the Philippines dated from 1898 to 1953, and Don Crawford had a very clean display of Scottish First Day Covers.

The President thanked the visitors for their splendid displays and the Members showed their appreciation in the usual manner.


The meeting commenced with a “photo shoot” by the photographer kindly sent by the Falkirk Herald to initiate the celebration of the Society’s 50th anniversary of its formation. The Society has been requested to host the 86th Annual Scottish Stamp Congress in Perth on the 17th and 18th April, in recognition of our Anniversary. The Society is holding an Anniversary Dinner on the 30th April as a final celebration of the event.

The Members were treated to four displays by Ken Norris from Lanarkshire Stamp Club, who showed a) stamps and postal history from Norway, b) Various issues from the Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean, c) Airgraphs, which were the fore-runners of present day Airmails, to and from Great Britain and d) Stamps and Covers from the Xmas Islands. All the displays were immaculately presented.

President Ian Anderson invited Jean Osbourne to propose the vote of thanks and the Members responded appropriately.


After the usual business was discussed during which, very pleasing comment was made on the article and photographs contained in “The Big Read” in the Falkirk Herald. Members were advised where copies of the photographs, taken at the previous Society meeting, could be had. The Chairman then opened discussion on the Members’ participation as Hosts, at the 86th Annual Scottish Stamp Congress in the Dewar Centre in Perth on the 17th and 18th of April. FDPS has been invited as Hosts, in recognition of the Society celebrating its 50th Year since its inception.


Falkirk and District Philatelic Society (FDPS) were invited to Host the annual meeting of the Scottish Stamp Congress at Perth on 17th and 18th April, as a recognition of the Society’s 50th year anniversary. Approximately 20 Members of FDPS displayed parts of their collections, which were appreciated and well commented upon, particularly for the variations and presentation of the displays. A rota of Members attended the Hosts table and our presence was recognised. A “cover”, which is a stamped envelope showing an artistic drawing of Callendar House, with a special Commemorative Post Mark, was on view and for sale, the profits from which, amounting to £250, will go to Stathcarron Hospice. The 50th Anniversary Dinner, of the Founding of the Society, will be held on the 30th April, to round off our celebration.


After some discussion about the Scottish Stamp Congress held in Perth the previous weekend, which was hosted by our Society, and which turned out to be very successful, the evening was in the form of a “Members’ Display Night”, where Members were able to put on show parts of their collections. Firstly, was a very unusual showing of Cape of Good Hope “Triangular Forgeries”, followed by stamps from St Helena commemorating various Anniversaries, well displayed. Thirdly, we had a splendid viewing of Q.E. 2 miniature sheets, and lastly, a wide range of stamps from Grenada, from 1934 to 1970.

Vice President Frank Soutar proposed the vote of thanks to those who displayed, and reminded Members of the 50th Anniversary Dinner to be held in the Cladhan Hotel on the evening of the 30th of April at 7 for 7.30pm.


The President, Ian Anderson, of the Falkirk and District Philatelic Society(FDPS) welcomed Provost Pat Reid and his Wife and approximately forty Members with Wives and Partners to the Society’s 50th Anniversary Dinner Celebration in the Cladhan Hotel on the evening of the 30th of April.

Ian gave a brief resume of the history of the Society, and thanked Falkirk Council for their contribution to the Society’s efforts at the recent Scottish Stamp Congress in Perth, before inviting the Provost to address the gathering. The Provost thanked the Society for their invitation to the Function and commented on the efforts that the Society had made over the years, to keep the hobby of Stamp Collecting alive in the Falkirk & District area.

Member Rab Yardley was presented with a Trophy won at the Congress, for the best display by a Member of the Host Society.

All present enjoyed a very good meal, which was well presented and served, followed by tea/coffee and a slice of the Anniversary Cake!!