Sept 5th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Walter Bruce

In business arising, Frank Souter advised Members that FDPS will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015 and will be hosting the Annual Congress of the Association of Scottish Societies at the Dewar Centre in Perth on the 17/18th April of that year. As hosts, FDPS must lead the way in the number of sheets displayed at the Congress and he encouraged Members to support this effort. Frank issued forms for Members, to show what they may wish to submit.

As is the custom, the incoming President is required to put on a display of his choice, from his collection. Walter did not let us down. For his first round, he displayed a selection of stamp booklets showing a range of different formats of Q.E.2, Series 1 Machin Definitives, all beautifully presented with short explanatory notes. In his second round, he extended the theme, with items from Q.E.2. Series 2 Machin Definitives which demonstrated NVI’s (Non Value Indicators), with varying perforations and printing processes. The same perfection of presentation as in the first showing prevailed.

Dr. Anderson proposed the vote of thanks with some humour and the Members showed their appreciation appropriately.

Sept 19th: ESTONIA – Raymond Baldock (Lanarkshire PS)

Estonia has had a very complex postal history, going from being governed as part of the Russian Empire (1721 to 1981), occupied by German forces (1941 to 1944) with German stamps overprinted, with short interventions in between, including a transitional period during their War of Independence (1918 – 1920). All these changes generated a great deal of postal variation, and Ray’s displays, which were excellently presented, mirrored all the foregoing.

The President called on Ian Gray to propose the vote of thanks, in which he commented on the width of Ray’s display, not without reference to Railways, and asked the Members to show their appreciation, which they did, willingly, in the usual fashoin.


The President introduced Jeff Dugdale, who had come down from Morayshire to display to FDPS a small part of his hugely wide collection of stamps and allied material relating to Flights in Space. In his first showing, he spoke of names like Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong, who are legend in the Space Race. He also reminded Members of the space related disasters. Many countries produced commemorative stamps of all the successful flights ito space, with Russia and USA to the fore-front.

In his second showing, Jeff put on view, amongst many other items, stamps commemorating occasions when USA, Russia and other countries co-operated in making successful flights into space, and in the modular construction of an International Space Station, and various aspects of space flights.

President Bruce called on Jim Young to give the vote of thanks, who congratulated Jeff on his varied, colouful and very interestig display, which was also well written up. In asking Members to show their appreciation, Jim Young declared that the display was “out of this world !!”.

Oct 17th: SAHARA AN RA CAMULS – Russell Walker (Caledonian PS)

President Walter Bruce introduced Russell Walker from the Caledonia Philatelic Society, to a good turnout of Members. The title of Russell’s display was “The Sahara and Camels”. Firstly, Russell gave the Members an idea of the size of the Sahara, indicating that it is larger in area than the USA. His display showed, in stamps, postcards, covers, and documents, how necessary camels were and still are, as we are on cars and lorries etc.. Many adjacent nations have taken over regions of the Sahara from time, but with the discovery of oil and areas “suitable” for nuclear testing, business interests world wide have entered the equation. Boring for water sources is another dominant feature.
Frank Soutar was called on to propose the vote of thanks, which Frank did in his inimitable style. The Members reciprocated in the usual way.

Nov 14th: WHERE THE LAND FINISHES AND THE SEA BEGINS – Elizabeth Nairn (Caledonian PS)

Elizabeth Nairn, from The Caledonian Philatelic Society, Edinburgh, displayed a very wide collection of stamps and associated documents depicting the “History of the Atlantic Ocean”, together with several marine navigation instruments, etc. The stamps showed issues relating to the German submarine activity in World War 2, shipwrecks, trans-atlantic communication cable laying, sea life, weather problems and many more facets of the Atlantic Ocean.

In thanking Elizabeth for her most interesting display, the Members showed their appreciation in the usual manner.

Nov 28th: SOCIETY VISIT – Edinburgh Stamp Group

President Walter Bruce welcomed a good turnout of Members and four Visitors from the Edinburgh Stamp Group, to the meting of Falkirk and District Philatelic Society held on 28th November 2013 at Camelon Parish Church Hall. The Visitors put on a varied display of stamps from The Windward Islands, New Zealand depicting ANZAC day commemoratives, Ceylon shewing the development of their railway system, and a collection of “Philatelic Creations”, displaying many very different desgns and shapes of stamps from a large selection of countries. Jean Osborne proposed the vote of thanks in her own inimitable style and asked the Members to show their appreciation.


There was eleven entries under three categories, which were:- a) General, b) Great Britain, and c) Thematic. President Walter Bruce commented favourably on the quality and variety of the displays.

In these three separate collection fields, the winners were:- a) Stanley Gray, b) Ian Anderson, and c) Mike Turnbull. Frank Soutar’s display won the award for the overall best in the display.

Dec 19th: ASCENSION – Mike Turnbull, ST HELENA – Alan Watson

Mike Turnbull chose the Ascension Islands to display. His stamps told some of the Postal History of the islands, together with a varied selection depicting birds, flowers and fish, which were endemic to the islands and also ships, which were, at one time, the mainstay of the British protectorate. Mike was followed by Alan Watson, who, co-incidentally, chose another island in mid Atlantic, namely St. Helena, which is well known for its association with Napoleon. While the remoteness was common to both groups of Islands, Alan’s display was quite different in his display method, which was attractive and informative and tended to hide the fact that this is a very small island with a very small population.

The President called on Bruce Petrie to propose the vote of thanks, which he did, making favourable remarks on both displays, and he asked the Members to show their appreciation. The Members responded appropriately.

Jan 16th: MONTSERRAT – George Foster, EDWARD VIII – Ian Anderson

George Forster put up 48 very interesting sheets relative to Montserrat, with reference to stamps from KG 5 to the present day Queen. Very attractive and well presented.

Ian Anderson followed with over 70 sheets all pertaining to Edward the 8th’s progression from Prince Edward through to his abdication, and to his life thereafter. Ian described his showing, which was excellently displayed, in his own inimitable fashion.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Jim Morrison, who complimented both Members on their displays and the Members showed their approval.

Jan 30th: CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA – Stewart Gardiner (Caledonian PS)

The guest speaker was Stewart Gardiner from the Caledonian Philatelic Society, who had a very impressive display of stamps of unusual stamps, postal history and post marks. His material came from Canada, Nova Scotia, Nicaragua, Chile and the USA. All his display referred to the 1840’s through to the early 1900’s. “Wells Fargo” featured in some of the USA exhibits.

Stanley Gray gave a comprehensive vote of thanks on behalf of the Members who responded appropriately.


Report to follow.

Feb 27th: AUCTION

The meeting of the Falkirk and District Philatelic Society held on 27th February 2014 in Camelon Parish Church Hall, took the form of the annual Club Stamp Auction.

Members are invited to enter items which are surplus to their requirements, and encouraged to bid for items that they may wish to add to their collection. 400 lots were entered, about half of which were sold. Some of the lots were sold to raise funds for Strathcarron Hospice.

Mar 13th: CONGRESS PLANNING – 2015 Congress

In preparation for the 2015 Annual Scottish Stamp Congress, which will be hosted by our Society. The 2015 Congress co-incides with the 50th Anniversary of FDPS. Alan Watson briefed members on how the Congress was set up, and what participation could be expected from the Members. While April 2015 seems a good way off, there is much preparation to be carried out by the host Society. Members are asked to prepare entries for display at Congress. Help and advice will be given to Members in their efforts.

Apr 17th: CONGRESS PLANNING – 2015 Congress

The fortnightly meeting of Falkirk and District Philatelic Society took the form of a second ”Early Day” preparation for Congress 2015. Eight contributions from Members were viewed and those Members were given helpful hints to improve their displays. It should be noted that, at the 2014 stamp Congress held at Perth last week, Jean Osborne had a Gold award and Keith Robinson had a Silver Gilt and the Cowell Salver for his two entries. They are to be complimented on their efforts. Members were asked to be aware that, when the Society hosts the 2015 Congress in Perth next year, which is our Society’s 50th Anniversary, help will be required to assist in the preparations for that event.


In the absence of the retiring President, Walter Bruce, the Vice-President took the chair. After the usual fortnightly business was attended to, the Members were asked to elect the office bearers for 2014-15.

Ian Anderson was unanimously elected President as were the other existing office bearers, namely the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Packet Secretary coupled with the Congress Delegate, the Librarian, the Webmaster and the Public Relations Officer.

Informal monthly meetings will be held in the Church Hall in May, June, July and August.