Sept 20: FRANCE – Dr Stewart Gardiner (Caledonian PS)

Dr Gardiner’s chosen theme for his displays was “France”.

The first part of his collection started from the mid 1850’s and shewed the build up of the stamps available for the increasing number of postal packets and letters.

He had some very fine and unusual covers on display.  Dr Gardiner’s second display showed a large collection of items from exhibitions with a great many different fiscal and commercial labels.

Vote of thanks: Jean Osborne

Oct 4: MEMBER’S NIGHT – “Going for Gold”

Six Members took up the challenge. In the first round, Alistair Moore showed stamps which illustrated the mining, smelting and production etc, of gold, followed by Ian Anderson, who displayed a fine set of the gold coloured 1st.class stamp folded booklets. Jean Osborne, completed the first round concentrating on very interesting stamps referring to Olympic Stadia and events.  After a short break, Ian Gray set up well presented sheets and Postcards with Olympic Games reference from 1896 to 1984.  Next came a fine display of stamps depicting South East Asia Games including Olympic Games in that area, presented by Keith Robinson.  Lastly, Alan Watson showed some well presented and attractive sheets pertaining to Golden Heraldic symbols, Golden Weddings and Golden Jubilees all associated with Royalty.


Dennis put on a very interesting display of Austrian Postal History material dating from 1869 to 1916. This consisted of various types of postcards, letter cards, and newspaper wrappers. Some of these items were pre-paid, others were stamped and others were both pre-paid and had stamps added to make up the required postage cost. He showed some 240 separate specimens. Clearly, he has done a tremendous amount of research and hunting to get his hands on these very fine pieces of Postal History.

Walter Bruce proposed the vote of thanks, and the Members present showed their appreciation of a good evening’s viewing.

Nov 1: THE LIFE OF ST.PAUL – Bill Izett

Bill Izett, who is one of our own members, showed a comprehensive display of Postage stamps, Postcards, Photographs and Documentation relating to the life of St. Paul, some seventy six sheets in all. Clearly Bill knew his chosen subject thoroughly, and gave a very interesting verbal description and commentary of St. Paul’s travels, hardships, trials and lifestyle interaction with his contemporaries.

The vote of thanks was given by Alistair Moore.

Nov 15: WAR TAX STAMPS – Paul Stephens (Perth PS)

This was a unique display of WAR TAXTAMPS. These stamps were overprinted, during the war with “WAR” or “WAR STAMP” or “WAR TAX STAMP” or the like, the purpose being to raise funds to support each country’s war effort. His display encompassed soome 50 countries and was displayed on 144 sheets in alphabetical order, ranging from Antigua to Turks and Caicos Islands, and incorporated a showing of Forgeries and Misprints.

The vote of thanks was given by Walter Bruce.

Nov 29: MINERALS, AFRICAN HOMELANDS, ST. VINCENT – Alastair Moore & George Forster

Two Members of the Society put on separate displays of stamps. George Forster had a fine display of the African Homeland countries  i.e.Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda, and Ciskei, coupled with a series of stamps of St. Vincent definitives from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth2. Alistair Moore showed a display of “Royals” rangeing from “Kings and Queens of G.B”, to railway engines named after “Kings of Great Britain” and “Royal Mail” post boxes.


Before the meeting started, two young lads, Oswin Ashwood and Iain Duncan, from Comely Park Primary school, were presented with Trophies and Vouchers having won National competitions at the “Scotex Exhibition” at Perth in October. All the competitors were set to portray the Olympics, and these two 12 year olds came top of the heap in their respective competitions. Frank Soutar, who, with a small team, has encouraged these youngsters, are to be commended for their efforts.

The programme for the meeting took the form of a Member’s Competition Night, where Members could put on a small display of stamps of their choice under the headings of:- Great Britain, Thematic, or General. There were several entries of varying, interesting and well presented displays. The Members viewed the displays and voted, incognito, for each entry on the basis of 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The winners of each section were:- For very a fine “G.B. Booklet Display” – Ian Anderson, for an interesting Thematic display Jim Young showed “The Dambusters”, and in the General Class, Jean Osborne brought a well researched display of “First Swiss Airmail Flights”. The overall winner, chosen by the President, was “The Dambusters” by Jim Young. The Presdent presented the Trophies to the Winners, to the accord of the Members.

Dec 20: BOER WAR – David Haig (Lanarkshire PS)

David proceeded to display a fine collection of stamps from South Africa, and his theme was relative to the Boer War. He displayed a very varied selection of Stamps, Postal History, First Day Covers and Postcards for example and depicting the various battles that were fought during the Boer Conflicts, e.g. The Transvaal War and The Siege of Mafeking among others.

It was interesting to learn that, because the Boers had access to the the Gold Mines, they were able to purchase modern (of that time) weapons from France and Germany. Also to note the names of some of the notables who were involved in the skirmishes, such as John Buchan, Arthur Conan Doyle, Baden Powell, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Ghandi, amongst others.

Ian Gray gave the vote of thanks and commented very favourably on David’s collection.

Jan 10: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, ROYAL MAIL ON POSTCARDS – R Yeardley & Ian Anderson

Two club Members put on displays. Robert Yardley was first up with a very wide-rangeing showing of early Cape of Good Hope, demonstrating pre-stamp postal history from 1819 – 1853 and stamps from 1853 to 1890. Among his display, he showed good triangular stamps, forgeries, proofs and old covers with good clear postmarks. 

The second display was a rather different one by Ian Anderson, when he showed a variety of postcards etc, associated with the Royal Mail. No stamps!! This display covered Posties’ old uniforms over the years, old post carriages, post vans old and new, post buses, motor cycles, mail by boat and, to extend the Festive Season, inter-post office Xmas Cards.

The vote of thanks was proposed by President Bruce Petrie and the Members showed their appreciation, followed by the presentation of the Society’s Certificates to the two participants.

Jan 24: BURMA – Keith Robinson

Keith’s collection showed evidence of governments, administrations, occupations and interventions by several external countries such as Great Britain, India and Japan.

In 1948 the country of “Burma” became the “Republic of the Union of Burma”, to be changed in 1974 to the “Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma” and in 1989, changed again to become the “Union of the Republic of Burma”. Twelve days later, “Burma” became to be known simply as “Myanmar”. Who said philately wasn’t an educational tool!!

Keith’s display was varied, well researched with many overprints, airmals, censored items and commemoratives.

The vote of thanks was given by Terry Rodger.


On the 7th Feb. 2013, Falkirk and District Philatelic Society held the preview of the items for sale at the Society’s annual auction, which takes place on the 21st Feb. in the Camelon Parish Church Hall at 7.30pm prompt. Approximately 30 Members and visitors attended and interest was expressed in a great many of the 400 lots on view.


Report to follow


Four Members from Dumfries Stamp Club visited Falkirk and District Philatelic Society. Each Visitor had very different themes in their displays. Paul Wilson showed a variety of G.B. booklets, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee definitives on stamp Postcards (PHQ’s) and other Commemoratives. John McGonagall had a fine display of Swedish Philately items of Anniversaries, Commemoratives, Postal Union and relating to King Gustav V. Lea Wilson produced a wide variety of early

Western Australia stamps depicting, among others, deliveries of mail in the outback by bicyles and camels, with one or two quite rare items. Lastly, Ian McDowell had a very impressive display of stamps of the the Third Reich. Stamps and Postcards portrayed Hitler’s dictatorship over Germany and elsewhere from the mid 1930’s to the end of the Second World War. It was good to see a PC of Hitler’s bunker demolished!!

The vote of thanks was given by Stuart Haldane.


After a short introduction, George invited the Members to browse at will over his huge collection of stamps. The display ranged from Great Britain Victorian issues (1840) to the present day, along with First Day Covers and Presentation Packs and items of Postal History. Foreign stamps also figured largely in his displays together with a great many old picture postcards with old stamps on them. The Members thanked George for his hospitality served during the evening and for making arrangements to entertain us.

Apr 11: MEMBER’S NIGHT – “Out With The Old, In With The New”

Six Members gave their own interpretation of this theme, all of which were quite novel and interesting. Space does not permit a detailed description of the entries. However, to give a feel of their efforts, I will report as follows:- Jim Gray showed Bavarian Railways from Steam to Electric, Jim Young displayed GB stamps from King George VIth to the present Queen Elizabeth II, while Stanley Gray put on a fine collection of eleven countries from mid-1800’s to the 1950’s. Alan Watson showed the very new “Post and Go” stamps with overprints, Jim Morrison displayed the philatelic changes and change of name from Nyasaland (old) to Malawi (new), and lastly, Mike Turnbull turned the clock back with a short display of “Airships”. Who said stamp collecting was boring?


Bruce Petrie, the retiring President, gave a resume of the meetings of the past year and commented on the various visits to the Society by representatives from other Societies, and visits to other Clubs by Members from Falkirk. He thanked the Office Bearers and the Members for their support during his year in office. He then moved that Walter Bruce, the present Vice-President be appointed as President for the ensuing year and that was agreed unanimously. After Walter was presented with the chain of office, he thanked the Members for their for their confidence in his ability to carry out the office and called on nominations for the post of Vice-President. Ian Anderson was the sole nominee and was duly appointed. Other office bearers are:- Jim Young – Secretary, Alan Watson – Treasurer, Jean Osbourne – Packet Secretary and Congress Delegate, and Dennis Westfield – Librarian. The other committee members are:- Mike Turnbull, Keith Robinson, and Bruce Petrie. Other menial tasks fall to Douglas Bell – Webmaster and Alistair Moore – PRO!!! The new season starts on 12th September at the usual venue.