Sept 1: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Terry Rodger

At the first meeting of the new session, Mrs Margaret Morris showed a very fine collection of stamps, Postal History and associated postcards, and photographs reflecting the theme of "Time". This was an impressive display, ranging from the Standing Stones of Stonehenge, to Sundials, Clocks and Digital Timepieces.

The Vote of Thanks was given by the President.

Sept 15: ASCENSION – Bill Black

Bill’s display ranged from the first stamps issued by Ascension in 1922, which were St. Helena stamps overprinted "Ascension", to a series of beautiful stamps depicting birds, ships, royalty, and many more themes. Bill’s display was enjoyed by the members present.

Sept 29: GB EXHIBITIONS – Jean Osborne

Jean, a staunch member of the club, gave a most interesting talk and display of philatelic memorabilia – stamps/postcards/postage labels, etc.. – related to British Exhibitions, starting with the Internation Exhibition held in Crystal Palace in London in 1851, right through to two held in Edinburgh in 1908 and 1911. This display reflected many hours of thorough research and was wonderfully presented.

Oct 13: HEDJAZ & ALAND – Ian Gray & Frank Soutar

Ian Gray, a railway philatelic buff, showed Hedjaz, with items relating to the Damascus to Medina Railway, which was planned to run through to Mecca – but never did!! Ian’s collection was varied and included some postal history relating to his chosen subject.

Frank put on a display of stamps, related postcards and Postal Authority items relative to Aland, a little known archipelago in the Baltic Sea, at the entrance to the Gulf of Bosnia, and a Region of Finland. Frank’s displays are always well presented, interesting and cover a wide range of philatelic and postal history related items.

Oct 27: QE2 & COMEDY GOLF??? – Jim Morrison & Ian Burns

Jim Morrison and Ian Burns gave two very different display, which proved that philately is not just about stamps.

Jim had a very colourful show of early QE2 Commonwealth pictorial definitives, dating from 1953 to the present time. The areas covered ranged from Aden – Gibraltar – Fiji, with many more places inbetween.

Ian gave us a very fine display of postal history in the shape of exceptionally humorous "Golf" postcards from yester yesr, 72 in total. Some were rather naughty and would be considered "de trop" nowadays, but that is how it was when this type of postcard was acceptable.


Aileen Davis displayed a short selection, for another member of her club, depicting early designs and engravings of the very early Queen Victoria stamps. Aileen then showed a well presented display, from her own collection, of what is known as the "New Zealand Children’s Health Camp" stamps. These postage stamps were first introduced in 1929 to fund the promotion of good health amongst poorly fed and unfit children. Funds were raised by surcharging 1d stamps with an extra 1/2d or 1d. This practice still continues and is extended to adults.

Tom Manson showed a collection of "humorous" postcards, which is an off-shoot of stamp collecting. The era chosen was from 1890 to 1920, when it was quite acceptable to lampoon black people and showed how coloured people were much undervalued and used as a butt for an un-enlightened populations’ misplaced sense of humour. Tom went to great lengths to explain that the cards were not displayed to offend, but to show how social history had to change. It is fair to say that you could not send this type of card by post nowadays. Food for thought.

Nov 24: ICELAND & GREENLAND – John Law (Scottish PS)

John entertained the members with a display of stamps from Iceland followed by a shortened display of Greenland. The initial stamps from Iceland (1905) depicted the reigning King’s heads, with double heads, following the death of a very populat King. However, in 1918, Iceland became a Republic and the stamps became less formal but certainly more attractive. The themes were many and varied and this showed the world the beauties of the flora and fauna of Iceland.

In his shortened display of Greenland, John presented stamps from 1938, which was the starting date for Icelandic stamps. He described the great difficulty in acquiring truly postmarked stamps – as opposed to stamps cancelled to order – since not many letters are posted from Greenland. Again, the very colourful and interesting themes of the stamps evoked much admiration.

Dec 08: MEMBER’S NIGHT – “New Acquisitions”

Cancelled due to extreme weather

Dec 22: COMPETITION & MEMBER’S NIGHT – “New Acquisitions”

Having cancelled the last meeting, it was decided to hold the Competition and Member’s Night together.

There were 6 entries for the General Category and the winnier was Robert Yearley displaying the Cape of Good Hope Triangulars.

There were only 2 GB entries and the winner was Jim Young showing The Wilding Issues.

In the Thematic section there were 4 entries and the winner was Mike Turnbull showing Balloons.

The President’s Shield for the overall winner was awarded to Dr Anderson’s GB Miniature Sheets Display.

Congratulations should also go to all members who participated in the competion this year.

While the counting for the Competition took place, members showed various displays on the topic of ‘New Acquisitions’.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all.

Jan 12: MUSIC – Mike Turnbull

Mike put on a very fine show of stamps with the theme of “MUSIC”.    His sheets ranged from composers Bach, Bethoven Strauss and the rest through to Rock music, The Beatles and everything in between.  As a novelty, Mike produced a stamp which had an actual miniature record on it.   Unfortunately, Mike did not have a miniature record player to let the company hear it played!!

Vote of thanks – Terry Rodger


The meeting took the form of a viewing of the Clubs annual auction entries.   As usual, members produced a varried assortment of lots (400 in number) ranging from sets of stamps to albums, postal historty, postal literature and various other philatelic bits and pieces.    Mike Turnbull was ably assisted by his usual team of helpers in setting out the lots for inspection.   The President then invited the members to search through the lots, as per the catalogue, so that they could have a pre-view of what they might bid for.


The auction was conducted very competently by Alan Watson, ably assisted by the usual team of Messrs D. Bell,  I. Gray, J.Morrison and M. Turnbull.   The turnover of lots was encouraging and the total of receipts was some £1150, which is well up on last year.   At the President’s call, the Members accorded a warm vote of thanks to the auctioneer and his crew.


Three members of the Glasgow Thematic society displayed part of their collections. The firat round started with Eric Ross showing some glimpses of climbers ascending Mount everest, with information about the various groups and individuals who have climbed the mountain. This was  followed by Bill McKinlay who had some very fine stamps and details of the Dover to Ostend ferries over the years. The second round started with Ian Hamilton who showed “Railway Cinderallas”, which, while these items are not truely stamps, they are advertising labels which have postal associations and the final display came from Gary Cheyne (in absentia), and this related to German offensive(s) during World War 1.

Vote of thanks: Bruce A Petrie.

Mar 22: CHINA & GB BOOKLETS – Stuart Haldane & Alistair Moore

Alistair showed a selection of stamp booklets, from the single-fold definitive issues, to the “prestige” commemorative booklets, which carry stamps and text on the history of the subject/person and run to 10 pages or so.

Stuart showed an impeccable display of stamps from China. The period covered was the 1890’s, the 1945-49 Japanese occupation over-prints and some very fine commemoratives from 1982-1986. These commemoratives covered a wide number of subjects and issues ranging from travel, minerals, shipping and animals, including pandas.

Apr 5: MEMBER’S NIGHT – “Anything Goes”

Eight members chose to display with subjects ranging from Impressionist Painters, Emerging Countries, Overprints, Falkland Islands, Grangemouth and India. All exhibits were well presented with good write-ups, which adequately explained their subject.

Vote of Thanks: Terry Rodger