Sept 10: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Stanley Gray

The first round opened with the stamps issued by Aden from 1937 until the formation of the Peoples’ Republic of South Yemen in 1967. This was followed by a selection of stamps and postal history of the period from 1854 when Indian stamps were used. This included the two main post offices at Crater and Steamer Point.

The second round covered postal history from the smaller post offices and the Aden State Railway, finishing with airmail. The airmail to or from Aden in 1932 to 1941 went by sea between Cairo and Aden! Further examples of airmail using the Cairo – Aden – Karachi route from 1941 and mail carried by Aden Airways followed. The postmarks used by the Sea Post Office on the Bombay – Aden route were presented. The display closed with a selection of Paquebot markings from Aden.

Vote of thanks – Alistair Moore


An entertaining evening with four rather different displays. First was Ian McPherson with Isle of Mann (Lifeboats from 1974 with various b/w cards, lighthouses & locations, transport and TT races). Next was Bob Dalziel with Australia (First day and souvenir covers, idea of Daniel O’Brien to set up cairns and plaques, explorers, navigators, poets, etc.., bicentennial of Pastoral Industry 1957).

The second round started with Ian Baker showing Birmingham (Postal history hand stamps, registered mail, air cancels from various destinations), finally Emslie Macpherson showing Elephants (Starting with the Mammoth to Asian and African Elephants – giving various examples for mother & calf, zoo, poaching, at work, using FDCs, miniature sheets and box labels)

Vote of thanks – Keith Robinson

Sept 24: A CENTURY OF GB – Dr Ian Evans

The first round contained stamps and covers spanning the early to mid Victorian era, these included penny red/brown, two-penny blue – early plates, embossed issues, various cancellations on duplex covers to overseas destinations.

The second round continued on with two-penny blue covers from plates 9 to 15, three-penny rose stamps from various plates, perfins, Victorian registered covers and Edinburgh duplex cancellations.

Vote of thanks – Alan Watson

Oct 22: MOUNTAINEERING -David Hogarth

The first round covered walking, trekking, climbing, rock climbing and alpinism in general terms. The various Alpine Clubs and mountain rescue were also covered. The second round dealt with specific mountains throughout the world, concluding with the Himalayas and Mount Everest.

Vote of thanks – Ian Anderson

Nov 5: MEMBER’S NIGHT – 1-12 sheets max. “Red, White & Blue”

The members of the Falkirk and District Philatelic Society provided the displays which covered the usual wide range of subjects – Bermuda, RAF roundels on aircraft, Victoria Crosses, Faroese flag on stamps, Post buses in Scotland, postcards from the Franco-Britain Exhibition of 1910 and Marilyn Monroe.  

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray

Nov 19: GHANA & GOLD COAST – Ian Anderson

The first round consisted of the definitive stamps issued between 1875 (the first stamp) and 1957 (the last issue before independence). Examples of plate numbers and flaws were included as were the various overprints issued.
The second round
included the stamps of Ghana issued up to 1991. This included the various overprints necessitated by inflation and currency changed. A selection of missing colour errors was included.

Vote of thanks – Ronnie Bell

Dec 3: MALTA – Jim Young, MALDIVES, Harvey Duncan, NORFOLD ISLAND – Keith Robinson, BRITISH CATHEDRALS – Alan Watson

First up was Jim Young with Malta. This comprised a run of the definitive stamps issued from 1882, together with a selection of commemorative stamps designed by Emvin Cremona and issued in 1969 to 1977. This was foll owed by Harvey Duncan with Maldives. This was a selection of stamps issued during the 1990s on subjects ranging from dinosaurs to art to transport.

The second round opened with Keith Robinson and Norfolk Island. The definitive stamps from the first stamp in 1947 were shown together with a selection of stamps commemorating historical events on the island. Alan Watson closed with a display of British Cathedrals using stamps and postmarks.

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray


The various trophies were awarded as follows:

General British Solomon Islands Jim Young
Great Britain Mackennals Keith Robinson
Thematic The Grape Mike Turnbull
President’s Shield Turkish Postcards Dennis Westfield


The first display was by Gareth Burgess with topographical postcards by Scottish publishers (A – G). Rosemary Helder followed with postcards depicting scenes of clothes washing, etc in Scotland. Brian Chilton opened the second round with a selection of postcards depicting lighthouses in the British Isles. The final display was by Fiona Gebbie with a coastal tour of East Lothian.

Vote of thanks – Alan Watson

Mar 4: GREENLAND – Margaret Morris

The display opened with the 1905 parcel post stamps, followed by examples of mail with Danish stamps and the 1938 Greenland definitive stamps. The wartime mail – internal, censored and American forces was covered. The definitive issued from 1945 and their use on mail followed. A short section of modern stamps displayed wildlife in and around Greenland. Examples of mail from various expeditions to Greenland and airmail from 1929 closed the display. Throughout the display, anecdotes from Margret’s visit to Greenland enliven the talk.

Vote of thanks – Douglas Anderson

Mar 18: DATE LINE – Ken McChlery

This was a collection of historical events depicted by contemporary or commemorative stamps, covers, etc. Examples included an 1808 letter, documents from the First World War, the launching and voyages of the ss Normandie, the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and Alcock and Brown’s trans-Atlantic flight in 1919.

Vote of thanks – Frank Soutar

Apr 1: MEMBER’S NIGHT – 1-12 sheets max. “Cinderella”

The members of the society provided displays of Cinderella material at the last meeting. These included Faroese Christmas seals; Scottish perfins; Scottish island locals; Scottish exhibition and philatelic congress labels; Ottoman revenues for the Hejaz Railway; India telegraph and revenue stamps; Falkirk area parcel post labels; birds on Scottish local stamps and Christmas seals.

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray