Sept 4: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Mike Turnbull

Mike displayed in the first round a selection from his collection of overprints. This consisted of stamps which had been overprinted for various reasons, such as stamps for use elsewhere, changes of value and/or usage (e.g. for airmail), events and commemorations, occupation issues, disaster relief and independence. Stamps overprinted specimen and forged overprints were also included.

The second round contained a new collection – Ascension Island. While stamps from the first issue overprinted on the stamps of St Helena, the main section of the display contained the stamps issued between 1970 and 1984. These included issues commemorating various aspects of the island’s history as well as views and flora and fauna of the island.

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray


Ian Gray opened with a selection of stamps and postcards showing woodblock prints by the Japanese artist Hiroshige, concentrating of the series “One Hundred Views of Edo” and the various Birds and Flowers design.

Ian Burns followed with Comedy Golf Postcards. These put a humorous interpretation on the game and hazards of golf.

Vote of thanks – Dennis Westfield

Oct 2: Visit from Kirkintilloch P.S.

Bill Russell opened with ‘563AD et alii’ being a look at certain aspects of religion. Bruce Allan displayed a selection from his collection on Clyde Built Ships.   In the second round, Bill McKinlay presented The King’s Men using British stamps depicting army uniforms and Victoria Cross holders. Fraser MacMillan closed with an eclectic mix including Isla of Man, Tristan da Cunha and Pabay.

Vote of thanks – Frank Soutar


Ian showed, in the first round, the 1911 Coronation Aerial Post, together with  Smaller Airlines in 1930s & Railway Air Services. In the second round he showed the Postal History of Worchester.

Vote of thanks – Mike Turnbull

Oct 30: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – 1-12 sheets max. “ABC”

A marvellous collection of philatelic material was shown by 12 members with topics covering: Norfolk Islands – Annual, Bicentenary & Centenary; Medals – Africa Star, Atlantic Star, Air Crew Europe Star; Switzerland – Bundfeiser; Alsad – Exhibition Cards; Royal Mail Postcards – Coaches & American Airships – Crash Covers in the first round. The second round had: Scotland – Aitcheson College, Connery/Bond, Jim Clarke; Bahrain – First 20 years 1966-86; Arabian Horses – Breeds; British Covers – Commemorative Covers 2007/08; & Aiden – 1937 – 1963. The final round had: Beijing – Olympics – Opening Ceremony – Sheetlets/Maxi Cards/FDC/Presentation Packs & Coronation Post 1911 – Flights.

Nov 13: MEDICINAL PLANTS – Jean Osborne

Using mainly stamps, but including postal history and postcards, the display covered plants, extracts, etc. which had been, or are still, used for treatment of illnesses. In many cases the active ingredient has been isolated and synthesised for modern use.

Vote of thanks – Ian Anderson


Following a series of portraits of Charles Darwin on stamps, the display used stamps of the various animals seen and/or discovered during the 5 year voyage of the Beagle. Based on Darwin’s published works, the animals of South America, the Galapagos Islands and Australasia were covered.

Vote of thanks – Mike Turnbull


The various trophies were awarded as follows:

General Jean Osborne Ireland
Great Britain Jean Osborne Wembley Exhibition labels
Thematic Bill Morrison Mail Coaches
President’s Award Harvey Duncan 50 Years of Satellites

The following Quiz organised by Stuart Haldane and Mike Turnbull was narrowly won by Ian Gray.

Jan 8: ANTARCTICA – Geoffrey Barber

This included stamps and postal history from the various bases and expeditions in the continent – many of the items being from bases established for International Geophysical Year 1957-58. The earliest stamps displayed were produced for the 1908 expedition led by Scott. Material from bases established by New Zealand, United States, France, Australia, Japan, Norway (which later became a South African base), Soviet Union, Belgium, Germany, Chile and Argentina was included in the first round. The second round concentrated on stamps and postal history from the Falkland Islands Dependencies which later became British Antarctic Territory.

Vote of thanks – Keith Robinson

Jan 22: TREES & TIMBER – Sandy Forbes

The display opened with coverage of Evolution & Forests, being the development of trees. The various uses of trees in medicine, food, sports (e.g. skis, clubs, bowls, etc).  Communications (printing blocks, etc) were shown, together with bonsai. During viewing, a selection of different samples of wood was available.

The second round included different types of tree, both softwood and hardwood. The uses of timber on land (wheels, telegraph poles, etc) and in ships, aircraft, musical instruments and buildings (particularly stave churches in Norway) were also shown.

Vote of thanks – Jim Morrison


The first display was by Kerr Doig and was a collection of postal history from West Lothian and Edinburgh, all with family connections. This was followed by Ken Dunn with a World Miscellany – postcards of all the mountains in the Himalayas which are over 8000m high, and a collection of one stamp from each current stamp issuing country.

The second round opened with Ian Peddie and a display on Culross – the history of the village; the Bruce and Cochrane families; and the buildings. The final display was by Jim Milne on Geology, specifically on Continental Drift and Volcanoes.

Vote of thanks – Mike Turnbull

Mar 19: FALKLAND ISLANDS – Robin Sherman

Robin opened his display with the various printings of the King George VI high value stamps, following with examples of these stamps used on covers. The display continued with the multitude of postal stationery such as postcards, envelopes, air letters and registered envelopes, frequently with additional postage stamps for the correct postal rates, Examples of civil censorship and wartime naval personal mail were also presented. A selection of mail from ships to and from the islands displayed the correct handling of such items. Mail from various scientific expeditions associated with both the Falkland Islands and the Dependencies was presented. The display closed with examples of mail from the Dependencies.

Vote of thanks – Jean Osborne

Apr 2: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – 1-10 sheets max. “New Acquisitions”

Postal history of the Australian Trust Territories in Papua New Guinea in 1945-52; postal stationery of the Ottoman Empire; exhibitions in Britain; the North Island Main Trunk Railway in New Zealand; 50th anniversary of space exploration; Marilyn Monroe and postcards of The Trossachs.

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray