Sept 7: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Ronnie Bell

Ronnie’s first round was on the Life and Times of Diana, Princess of Wales. From her early days, through engagement to Prince Charles, Marriage, Motherhood, Charity work and to her untimely death. The second round was split between French Art (17th Century to the 20th Century), and French Buildings (Churches, Chateaux, Palaces from Medieval times to present day).

Vote of thanks – Angus Mackie

Oct 5: Visit from Lanarkshire PS

Ancient Egypt – The Last Flowering – The Age of the Golden Empire (The New Kingdom) 18th Dynasty 1550-1300BC, The First Flowering – The Age of the Pyramid Builders (The Old Kingdom) 5th Dynasty 2500-2350BC, 4th Dynasty 2580-2465BC, 3rd Dynasty 2700-2600BC, Royal Crowns 350-30BC

21st Century Switzerland

Fiji – War "Stamps" – WW1 &WW2 overprints, 2006 Definitive overprints, Flight covers, Food and Drink

Transatlantic Air Mail – 1939-44

Vote of thanks – Ian Burns

Nov 30: LIECHTENSTEIN – Frank Soutar

A small independent principality lying between Austria and Switzerland, ruled by a Prince. Frank’s display included examples of history, local views, Frama’s, ruling House of Lichtenstein (Prince Johann), Air mails, agriculture, postal stationery, early material, correspondence cards, postcard, cash on delivery, registered mail, letter cards and declared value receipts.

Overall an excellent display, enjoyed by all.

Vote of thanks – Keith Robinson


Winners and Runners-up in the Annual Competition have been listed in the members section of the website.

A very competitive quiz was won by Jean’s Jazzers with the Newcomers in runners-up place.

Jan 4: PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Jean Osborne

The display opened with the stamps of German New Guinea from the 1890s to the First World War. Following occupation by Australian forces, various issues overprinted on German New Guinea stamps and registration labels and on Australian stamps appeared. The first stamps of New Guinea were issued in 1925 and the display included the issues of 1946.

The first stamps of British New Guinea were issued in 1901 and the design was in use until 1932, albeit with the name changed to Papua in 1906. The following issues of Papua were also displayed.

The second round covered the stamps of the territory of Papua and New Guinea including the change in name to Papua New Guinea. Closing with the 1994 issues. It was also pointed out that all the stamp designs had a relevance to the history, culture, flora and fauna or development of Papua New Guinea.

Vote of thanks – Jim Young

Jan 20: WEBSITE PRESENTATION – Douglas Bell; FILMS “The Night Mail” and “Midnight Hours”

The members were taken through the development stages of the club website, including images from other societies websites, to gain inspiration of how the website should look. After showing the final version information was requested from members as to how they would like to see the club website develop in the future.

The second part of the evening was the viewing of two films: "The Night Mail" – showing how the Royal Mail train travels overnight collecting, sorting and delivering mail at a variety of stops; and "Midnight Hours" – showing how the Royal Mail transports mail, by plane, train, van to different areas across the country overnight.

Vote of thanks – Ronnie Bell


The displays opened with Douglas Hawkins showing a history of Cuba between 1868 and 1958 on Cuban stamps. Robert Duguid displayed Maderia, concentrating on first flight covers, Reid’s Hotel and the Monte district of Funchal.

The second round commenced with David Stirrups showing a selection of mail to/from/through Gibraltar between 1736 and 1915. David Easson closed the displays with  a selection of material on Uganda – Edwardian postcards, airmails in 1931 and the 1950s, mail during the Second World War and the post-independence definitive issues.

Vote of thanks – Alan Watson

Mar 15: COME TO THE CIRCUS – Sheila Sinclair

This display, using stamps, postmarks and postcards, opened with the history and traditions of over 2000 years of the circus. Famous circuses and permanent venues were covered before the display moved on to the ring and the side-shows. The animals, horses and performers were included, before closing with a large section on the clowns and their traditions.

Vote of thanks – Jean Osbourne

Mar 29: MEMBERS’ NIGHT – “Stamps I Like” – 1-12 sheets max.

The members themselves provided the displays at this meeting. Countries covered ranged from Britain to Uganda and Sierra Leone, while themes included such diverse subjects as heraldry and the BAM Railway in Russia. Other subjects included postcards of Moffat and farthing stamps (i.e. ¼d value).

Vote of thanks – Ronnie Bell