Members’ Nights

Members’ nights come in two parts:

Part 1 : Trading Session

For the first half hour, from 7.15pm until 7.45pm, you can turn your attic into cash and dispose of all that philatelic clutter you’ve been holding into for years.

It’s time for you to swap, haggle and sell, sell, sell! Or, you can swap, haggle and buy, buy, buy!

The chairman will call time on the frenzy at the appropriate moment, whereupon we will proceed to …

Part 2 : Members’ Night (“A.B.C.”)

We have been having great members’ nights over the past two years, with all sorts of wondrous philately & philatelists turning up! What could be simpler, methinks, than A.B.C.?

You can play it straight or think out of the box. So go on! Surprise us!