Oct 4: MEMBER’S NIGHT – “Going for Gold”

Six Members took up the challenge. In the first round, Alistair Moore showed stamps which illustrated the mining, smelting and production etc, of gold, followed by Ian Anderson, who displayed a fine set of the gold coloured 1st.class stamp folded booklets. Jean Osborne, completed the first round concentrating on very interesting stamps referring to Olympic Stadia and events.  After a short break, Ian Gray set up well presented sheets and Postcards with Olympic Games reference from 1896 to 1984.  Next came a fine display of stamps depicting South East Asia Games including Olympic Games in that area, presented by Keith Robinson.  Lastly, Alan Watson showed some well presented and attractive sheets pertaining to Golden Heraldic symbols, Golden Weddings and Golden Jubilees all associated with Royalty.

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