Aileen Davis displayed a short selection, for another member of her club, depicting early designs and engravings of the very early Queen Victoria stamps. Aileen then showed a well presented display, from her own collection, of what is known as the "New Zealand Children’s Health Camp" stamps. These postage stamps were first introduced in 1929 to fund the promotion of good health amongst poorly fed and unfit children. Funds were raised by surcharging 1d stamps with an extra 1/2d or 1d. This practice still continues and is extended to adults.

Tom Manson showed a collection of "humorous" postcards, which is an off-shoot of stamp collecting. The era chosen was from 1890 to 1920, when it was quite acceptable to lampoon black people and showed how coloured people were much undervalued and used as a butt for an un-enlightened populations’ misplaced sense of humour. Tom went to great lengths to explain that the cards were not displayed to offend, but to show how social history had to change. It is fair to say that you could not send this type of card by post nowadays. Food for thought.

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