Jan 10: CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, ROYAL MAIL ON POSTCARDS – R Yeardley & Ian Anderson

Two club Members put on displays. Robert Yardley was first up with a very wide-rangeing showing of early Cape of Good Hope, demonstrating pre-stamp postal history from 1819 – 1853 and stamps from 1853 to 1890. Among his display, he showed good triangular stamps, forgeries, proofs and old covers with good clear postmarks. 

The second display was a rather different one by Ian Anderson, when he showed a variety of postcards etc, associated with the Royal Mail. No stamps!! This display covered Posties’ old uniforms over the years, old post carriages, post vans old and new, post buses, motor cycles, mail by boat and, to extend the Festive Season, inter-post office Xmas Cards.

The vote of thanks was proposed by President Bruce Petrie and the Members showed their appreciation, followed by the presentation of the Society’s Certificates to the two participants.

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