Before the meeting started, two young lads, Oswin Ashwood and Iain Duncan, from Comely Park Primary school, were presented with Trophies and Vouchers having won National competitions at the “Scotex Exhibition” at Perth in October. All the competitors were set to portray the Olympics, and these two 12 year olds came top of the heap in their respective competitions. Frank Soutar, who, with a small team, has encouraged these youngsters, are to be commended for their efforts.

The programme for the meeting took the form of a Member’s Competition Night, where Members could put on a small display of stamps of their choice under the headings of:- Great Britain, Thematic, or General. There were several entries of varying, interesting and well presented displays. The Members viewed the displays and voted, incognito, for each entry on the basis of 1st, 2nd or 3rd. The winners of each section were:- For very a fine “G.B. Booklet Display” – Ian Anderson, for an interesting Thematic display Jim Young showed “The Dambusters”, and in the General Class, Jean Osborne brought a well researched display of “First Swiss Airmail Flights”. The overall winner, chosen by the President, was “The Dambusters” by Jim Young. The Presdent presented the Trophies to the Winners, to the accord of the Members.

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