Dec 20: BOER WAR – David Haig (Lanarkshire PS)

David proceeded to display a fine collection of stamps from South Africa, and his theme was relative to the Boer War. He displayed a very varied selection of Stamps, Postal History, First Day Covers and Postcards for example and depicting the various battles that were fought during the Boer Conflicts, e.g. The Transvaal War and The Siege of Mafeking among others.

It was interesting to learn that, because the Boers had access to the the Gold Mines, they were able to purchase modern (of that time) weapons from France and Germany. Also to note the names of some of the notables who were involved in the skirmishes, such as John Buchan, Arthur Conan Doyle, Baden Powell, Winston Churchill and Mahatma Ghandi, amongst others.

Ian Gray gave the vote of thanks and commented very favourably on David’s collection.

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