Sept 5th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Walter Bruce

In business arising, Frank Souter advised Members that FDPS will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2015 and will be hosting the Annual Congress of the Association of Scottish Societies at the Dewar Centre in Perth on the 17/18th April of that year. As hosts, FDPS must lead the way in the number of sheets displayed at the Congress and he encouraged Members to support this effort. Frank issued forms for Members, to show what they may wish to submit.

As is the custom, the incoming President is required to put on a display of his choice, from his collection. Walter did not let us down. For his first round, he displayed a selection of stamp booklets showing a range of different formats of Q.E.2, Series 1 Machin Definitives, all beautifully presented with short explanatory notes. In his second round, he extended the theme, with items from Q.E.2. Series 2 Machin Definitives which demonstrated NVI’s (Non Value Indicators), with varying perforations and printing processes. The same perfection of presentation as in the first showing prevailed.

Dr. Anderson proposed the vote of thanks with some humour and the Members showed their appreciation appropriately.

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