Sept 24th: AOTEAROA UNWRAPPED – Elizabeth Nairn

Elizabeth Nairn from The Caledonian Philatelic Society two displays showed many commemorative and some definitive, sets of stamps. These stamps depicted the life, people and times of New Zealand. To highlight a few, can be instanced the first ascent of Mount Everest, with Sherpa Tensing Norgay, a Maori, portrayed, the eleven Maori military personnel who were awarded the VC for valour during WW1 and Royal visits to the North and South Islands. An unusual set of stamps were on view, produced under licence, by Western Vinery, which had its own stamps printed and used.

In proposing the vote of thanks, President Frank commented on the amount of research our Guest must have gone into to present such a fine and unusual display, and asked the Members to show their appreciation in the usual manner, which they did, with approbation.

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