Sept 22nd: SOCIETY VISIT – Caledonian PS

Firstly, Ray Welland displayed postcards of German prisoners of war (1914-1918) which told their own story. He also set up a display of a complete of set of letters, datewise, from a British prisoner in Germany to his mother in Britain, again during WW1. Next to display was Lyn Robinson who showed a very fine collection of photographs of monuments etc., referring to around 1200 AD. Artistic and great for that era.

Later, Lyn showed a very in depth display of modern stamps relating to the American Civil War, right up to the day of surrender on the 3rd of March 1865. David Stalker had a bright display of New Zealand stamps depicting how the Maoris celebrated their New Year. Something very different, with an unusual theme. An enjoyable evening was had by all.

President Rab called on Bruce Petrie to give the vote of thanks, which he did, and the Members responded enthusiastically.

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