Sept 10th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Frank Soutar

Frank Soutar, our President, welcomed a good turnout of Members. The incoming President is always expected to put on a good display on the opening evening, and Frank did not disappoint us.

His first display was related to Lichtenstein which, is a very small country, bordered by the river Rhine, Austria and Switzerland. The stamp display was excellently presented, depicting Religion, Agriculture, Sports, Greetings and Cars among several other themes.

Frank’s second display covered the life story of an artist, name of Albrecht Durer, (1471-1528), born in Nurnberg, Germany. He is regarded as the greatest German Renaissance artist. His work includes Altarpieces, Portraits, Engravings and Woodcuts all of which were depicted on Frank’s display of stamps. This display came up to Frank’s usual expert standard.

The Members showed their appreciation on the call of Vice Chairman Robert Yeardley who moved the vote of thanks.

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