Sept 10: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Stanley Gray

The first round opened with the stamps issued by Aden from 1937 until the formation of the Peoples’ Republic of South Yemen in 1967. This was followed by a selection of stamps and postal history of the period from 1854 when Indian stamps were used. This included the two main post offices at Crater and Steamer Point.

The second round covered postal history from the smaller post offices and the Aden State Railway, finishing with airmail. The airmail to or from Aden in 1932 to 1941 went by sea between Cairo and Aden! Further examples of airmail using the Cairo – Aden – Karachi route from 1941 and mail carried by Aden Airways followed. The postmarks used by the Sea Post Office on the Bombay – Aden route were presented. The display closed with a selection of Paquebot markings from Aden.

Vote of thanks – Alistair Moore

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