Oct 8th: THE NETHERLANDS – Paul McGowan

The guest speaker on Thursday 8th October was Paul McGowan of the Caledonian PS who gave a display of the Netherlands. Rather than just showing sheets of Netherlands issues in chronological order, Paul selected various aspects of the country starting with early pre-stamp material including a letter written in 1593.This was followed by the first stamp issue of 1852 and essays for the second issue. The impact of the occupation of the Netherlands during WW1 & WW2 was covered in some detail with many censored covers and was followed by a some aviation items from 1910 with postcards and air display posters. One aspect covered in detail was the work carried out to avoid flooding by the construction of massive dykes. The construction of these was illustrated my many postcards with unusual items of mail sent from the construction workers camps. Finally there was a section on the 1928 Olympic Games with official and private postcards and an unused entry ticket.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Jean Osborne who complimented Paul on his interesting commentary.

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