An entertaining evening with four rather different displays. First was Ian McPherson with Isle of Mann (Lifeboats from 1974 with various b/w cards, lighthouses & locations, transport and TT races). Next was Bob Dalziel with Australia (First day and souvenir covers, idea of Daniel O’Brien to set up cairns and plaques, explorers, navigators, poets, etc.., bicentennial of Pastoral Industry 1957).

The second round started with Ian Baker showing Birmingham (Postal history hand stamps, registered mail, air cancels from various destinations), finally Emslie Macpherson showing Elephants (Starting with the Mammoth to Asian and African Elephants – giving various examples for mother & calf, zoo, poaching, at work, using FDCs, miniature sheets and box labels)

Vote of thanks – Keith Robinson

Posted in: 2009-10

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