Oct 5th: THE GRAF SPEE – Ron Harkness (Perth PS)

President Mrs Jean Osborne opened the meeting by welcoming the members and Ron Harkess from Perth Philatelic Society. After attending to the usual Club business, Jean invited Ron to set out his displays. He spoke to his showing of stamps and postcards relative to the damage caused and the sinking of British Warships and Merchant ships, followed by the ultimate scuttling of the German battleship “Graf Spee”, in the early days of World War 2. He also had picture-postcards of some of the “Graf Spee”’s crew who chose to stay in the Argentine rather than go back to Germany, prior the scuttling of the German warship in Montivideo, which occurred on the 17th December, 1939.

After a question and answer period, Frank Soutar was called on to give a vote of thanks, which he did, admirably as usual, and the Members responded heartily.

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