Oct 4th: SOCIETY VISIT – Perth P.S.

After the usual business was discussed, President Bill Izett introduced Mrs Danuta Stephen and Mr George Stephen, visitors from Perth Stamp Club, who kindly agreed to display some of their varied collections. Firstly, Danuta set out beautifully presented Polish stamps which were printed and made available in London, by the Polish Government, exiled in London from 1941 – 1944, due to the 2nd World War, after which they were returned to Poland. Altogether, a very well presented display.

Husband George followed with a miscellany of “combo” sheets of well chosen stamps showing cartoons, such as “Dad’s Army/Oor Wullie/The Broons and many more of that type, followed by picturesque booklets depicting Post & Go/Xmas/Olympics/The Goon Show etc. A huge colourful and very comprehensive. Our President called on Jim Young to give the, vote of thanks, which he did, and the Members reciprocated willingly.

Prior to closing the meeting, Members were advised that the next meeting of our Club will be held in the Brown Street Church Hall, behind the Sheriff Court.

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