Oct 4: Visit from EDINBURGH PS

First up was Alex Shepherd with stamps depicting King Edward VIII, followed by stamps and postcards of the Norman Rockwell covers for the Saturday Evening Post, lastly a sheet of stamps representing the names of Edinburgh Pubs..  Jim Haggart combined the Postal History of Stanley (7 miles N of Perth) with the social philately of his family history, in which Stanley Mills, curling on the river and a last-day cover for Stanley Station figured – an interesting mix.

The second half opened with Jim Law displayed the stamps of West Berlin from the early overprints, through the Old Berlin issues, to the later Bundespost definitives and commemoratives with ‘Berlin’ added.. The final display was by Bill Robertson told the 1915/16 wartime story in PCs of the LZ85 Zeppelin and its use by the Germans to bomb Russia and Salonica.

Vote of thanks – Alan Watson

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