The President introduced Jeff Dugdale, who had come down from Morayshire to display to FDPS a small part of his hugely wide collection of stamps and allied material relating to Flights in Space. In his first showing, he spoke of names like Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong, who are legend in the Space Race. He also reminded Members of the space related disasters. Many countries produced commemorative stamps of all the successful flights ito space, with Russia and USA to the fore-front.

In his second showing, Jeff put on view, amongst many other items, stamps commemorating occasions when USA, Russia and other countries co-operated in making successful flights into space, and in the modular construction of an International Space Station, and various aspects of space flights.

President Bruce called on Jim Young to give the vote of thanks, who congratulated Jeff on his varied, colouful and very interestig display, which was also well written up. In asking Members to show their appreciation, Jim Young declared that the display was “out of this world !!”.

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