Oct 20th: MEMBER’S NIGHT – ‘Green’

President Rab Yeardly went over the usual club business, followed by asking those Members who had brought items from their collections, to set them out on the display boards. The required “Theme” of the displays was “GREEN”.

First up was George Forester who put together, from his collection, stamps depicting flowers, birds and Royalty, all with some reference to the colour “Green”. All quite different, and very interesting. The second contender was Alan Watson, who displayed a very tidy collection of War Medal stamps, all with “Green” somewhere on the attached ribbon. Well documented. Third in line was Mike Turnbull, who had a shewing of sports grounds, campsites, and Parks, all, of course, showing expanses of “Green” grass. Very well displayed and written up.

After our tea break, Jim Young showed us a full board display of photographs of Marilyn Monroe, the actress, now passed away. In the stamps of Jim’s choice, apart from white which was her favourite colour, “Green” was predominant. A wide selection of material. Lastly, Mike Turnbull put on a second display of Railway engines from The “Emerald Isle”. What could be more appropriate!!

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