Oct 17th: SAHARA AN RA CAMULS – Russell Walker (Caledonian PS)

President Walter Bruce introduced Russell Walker from the Caledonia Philatelic Society, to a good turnout of Members. The title of Russell’s display was “The Sahara and Camels”. Firstly, Russell gave the Members an idea of the size of the Sahara, indicating that it is larger in area than the USA. His display showed, in stamps, postcards, covers, and documents, how necessary camels were and still are, as we are on cars and lorries etc.. Many adjacent nations have taken over regions of the Sahara from time, but with the discovery of oil and areas “suitable” for nuclear testing, business interests world wide have entered the equation. Boring for water sources is another dominant feature.
Frank Soutar was called on to propose the vote of thanks, which Frank did in his inimitable style. The Members reciprocated in the usual way.

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