Nov 2nd: SOCIETY VISIT – The Postcard Club of Tayside

President Jean Osborne welcomed two Members from The Postcard Club of Tayside, who travelled to Falkirk to show parts of their collections to our Members. Firstly, Patrick Marks set up a large display of very old and interesting postcards of St. Andrews, starting with one of the earliest, first of Sept 1804, sepia coloured. These P.C’s covered beaches, street scenes, golf, fox hunting, football, and many others. All contained in approximately 150cards.
This was followed by an unusual collection of Cigarette Cards from Jim Hill, who explained how difficult it was to collect complete sets of these cards, which, of course, are not issued nowadays. The main themes were depicting Golfers, Football Players, many from Scottish Clubs, which brought back fond memories to many of our older Members. In all, two great displays. President Jean warmly thanked the visitors, and the Members showed their appreciation

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