Nov 29: GIBRALTAR- Ken Norris

This display included pre-stamp items and entires cancelled in red or blue. The use of British stamps began in 1859 with the A26 Gibraltar cancellation. By 1880 Gibraltar was the only colony not to have its own stamps. In 1886 there were overprints on stamps of Bermuda and in the same year the first definitives. Denominations changed from sterling to pesetas and back again; bisects were used at times of shortages – both officially and non-officially -to make up postage rates. The first stationery were overprints on St Vincent and Natal PCs. A selection of issues was shown including the first pictorial definitives of 1931, postage dues and many Royal issues. Interestingly the 1970 Xmas issue is of windows from Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church in Jordanhill, Glasgow after illustrations were seen by the stamp authorities in a Reader’s Digest article! Gibraltar had the first Scouts organisation outside of the UK and also the first Commonwealth police force. Intensely loyal to Britain, the 1967 referendum for joining Spain recorded 87 for and 17,800 against. War cancellations and slogans; polish army unit mail and cachets covers from visiting warships and cruise liners completed the display along with some of the more modern Commonwealth issues.

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