Nov 15: LIBERIA / AUSTRIAN STATIONERY – Dennis Westfield

Dennis opened with the stamps of Liberia from 1868 to 1966. These included the usual designs before pictorial designs were introduced. The remainder of the display covered the wide range of Austrian postal stationery, from the first envelope in 1863 through to the 1970s. The wide range of postcards with both German and a local language for use in various provinces from 1969 was also covered. Examples of the lettercards from the Vienna pneumatic express post and field post cards from 1914-18 closed the Austro-Hungarian Empire sections.

A selection of the pictorial postcards issued by the republic of Austria between 1927 and 1972 showed the changes in styles over the years. The display closed with postcards and lettercards used in the Austrian Post Offices in the Ottoman Empire between 1867 and 1914.

Vote of thanks – Bruce A Petrie

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