GB Overprints from British Levant, the majority on cover, displayed by an absent Norman Coutts; Jim Crawford showed a variety of ships’ cachets visiting Tristan da Cunha – some by lino cuts made on the island – pre and post the volcanic period of 1961-63. Supply, trading, cruise and fishing vessels and some yachts all figured.

Bob Whyte’s display covered Antarctic Expeditions by the Commonwealth countries of Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. starting with Scott’s Br. National Ant. Exp 1916/16; the two Scottish Nat. Ant. Expeditions of 1902/4 and 1910/13 to Coats Land and the Ross Sea areas; then the 1914/16 British Imperial Trans-Antarctic Exp. when Endurance got stuck in the ice; the 1934/7 Br. Graham’s Land Exp., and the 1955/58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Exp. Included were the garrisoning of whaling stations by Churchill’s 1943 Operation Tabarin. Lastly the 1984/5 Joint Services Exp. to Brabant Island included several covers on the opening of the post office. Mail is routed via the Falklands. Ken Murray brought up the rearguard with Jersey from the postal independence series of views in 1969 through numerous definitives and commemoratives issues, and noting the Britain’s first post-box was sin St Helier.

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray

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