The meeting commenced with a “photo shoot” by the photographer kindly sent by the Falkirk Herald to initiate the celebration of the Society’s 50th anniversary of its formation. The Society has been requested to host the 86th Annual Scottish Stamp Congress in Perth on the 17th and 18th April, in recognition of our Anniversary. The Society is holding an Anniversary Dinner on the 30th April as a final celebration of the event.

The Members were treated to four displays by Ken Norris from Lanarkshire Stamp Club, who showed a) stamps and postal history from Norway, b) Various issues from the Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean, c) Airgraphs, which were the fore-runners of present day Airmails, to and from Great Britain and d) Stamps and Covers from the Xmas Islands. All the displays were immaculately presented.

President Ian Anderson invited Jean Osbourne to propose the vote of thanks and the Members responded appropriately.

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