Mar 20: POSTER STAMPS – Stewart Gardner

This debut display of Poster Stamps from around the world, produced for exhibitions and events, advertising, or political and propaganda purposes. They have no postal validity and nobody knows how many were produced. The first were French from 1827 with an increase through the 1850’s and 1860’s. Not many appeared after the Great War and very few nowadays. A few books exist, including "The Lost Art of Poster Stamps" by Thomas Steele and currently Stewart, along with Jean Osborne (British section) and 12 others around the world are compiling an illustrated catalogue to be published in parts.

The first round showed a fascinating selection up to 1912 from Germany, Holland, France, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, GB and the USA covering advertising, art & artists, Olympics and sport, Sinn Fein propaganda, stamp dealers, international and industrial exhibitions, fairs and congresses of all sorts. Round two was devoted to American poster stamps in a similarly wide variety and included many advertised companies and products. Fascinating for their artistry, it is easy to see the attraction of this collecting area.

Vote of thanks – Jean Osborne

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