Mar 10th: SOCIETY VISIT – Aberdeen PS

Firstly, Graham Searle spoke of his early Canadian Stamps, covering the period 1851 to 1869. In this period, there was a huge variation in values and currency, together with a time up to 1875, when actual postage stamps were not obligatory. Hand your letter over the counter and pay whatever was chargeable. Canada’s postal authorities issued a 12 penny black, as opposed to the G.B. penny black!! A very tidy display of high quality.

Alex Walker followed with his display of Samoa, which covers a number of Islands in that region. He spoke of Robert Louis Stevenson’s time on the Island, and the involvement of the people in both WW1 and WW2, relative to the postal services. A huge number of religious groups and different names of Islands complicated the postal services, but eventually, “Samoa” was agreed to be the postal address. Alex’s talk was both humorous and interesting, and very well set out.

President Frank called on Alan Watson to propose the vote of thanks, to which, members responded enthusiastically.

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