Mar 17: LATVIA – Raymond Baldock

This started with Russian Empire postal history to and from the area which later became Latvia and included contemporary postcards. The German Occupation during the First World War was covered with postal history and postcards. The display continued with the aftermath of the Great War and independence for Latvia. This included stamps printed on the backs of German military maps and on unfinished banknotes. Mail users included the German Freikorp fighting for Latvia and Bolshevik and White Russian forces. Latvian stamps issued between 1920 and 1940 were presented. The second round opened with mail from German forces and administration during the 1941-45 occupation, including philatelic material which never went anywhere near Latvia. A selection of Soviet Union stamps and pictorial postal stationery envelopes depicting Latvian scenes, etc followed. The stamps and postal stationery issued by the current Latvia between 1990 and 2000 was presented. The display closed with a selection of 1930s advertising labels from Latvia and labels from various exile organisations.

Vote of thanks – Ronnie Bell

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