Jan 6: MEMBERS NIGHT – SIERRA LEONE – Joe Love, INDIA – Stanley Gray, COMEDY GOLF – Ian Burns, BEARS OF THE WORLD – Mike Turnbull

The first display was by Joe Love on Sierra Leone. This included early reply paid postcards, some with specimen overprints, and a selection of the free form self adhesive issues. This was followed by Ian Burns with a selection of his Comedy Golf postcards, mainly the pre-First World War variety.
The second round opened with Stanley Gray and India – The Road to Independence. This included both contemporary material and later Indian commemorative stamps covering various rebellions, the Indian Mutiny and personalities and events relating to the Indian National Congress.
The final display was Bears by Mike Turnbull, being a selection of stamps showing the various species of bears such as brown, black and polar bears and the giant panda.

Vote of thanks – Alastair Moore

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