Jan 4: PAPUA NEW GUINEA – Jean Osborne

The display opened with the stamps of German New Guinea from the 1890s to the First World War. Following occupation by Australian forces, various issues overprinted on German New Guinea stamps and registration labels and on Australian stamps appeared. The first stamps of New Guinea were issued in 1925 and the display included the issues of 1946.

The first stamps of British New Guinea were issued in 1901 and the design was in use until 1932, albeit with the name changed to Papua in 1906. The following issues of Papua were also displayed.

The second round covered the stamps of the territory of Papua and New Guinea including the change in name to Papua New Guinea. Closing with the 1994 issues. It was also pointed out that all the stamp designs had a relevance to the history, culture, flora and fauna or development of Papua New Guinea.

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