Jan 28th: MEMBER’S NIGHT – ‘My Recent Purchases’

The meeting took the form of a “Members’ Night – My Recent Purchases”, when the Members had been invited to put on a very small 12 sheet display. After the usual business was discussed, and those Members who wished to display were identified, President Frank Soutar, stated that he was very disappointed with the small number of Members who were contributing. He explained that this was an opportunity for everyone to take a small part in making the evening entertaining and showing the type of collection which each had.

Alan Watson showed a well displayed series of items relating to the battle of Waterloo, followed by Mike Turnbull’s short showing of the development of Air Mails. Jim Young’s fine display of Canadian stamps, recognising the Queen’s Jubilee Anniversary, was very attractive, as was President Frank’s sheets depicting some very interesting Exhibition Cards showing some beautiful old Buildings and Windmills.

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