The first round covered the period to 1934 with examples of mail to, from or within New Zealand which had been flown at some point in the journey. These included the four flights to New Zealand in this period and mail which was carried by ship to USA then flown internally, with additional American stamps to cover the airmail rate. The effects of the extending Imperial Airways route and the Perth to Adelaide route in Australia were shown. The first official airmail within New Zealand in 1930 and various airline services were also shown.
The second round opened with the regular internal airmail between Hokitiku and Haast in 1934 – this actually replaced a pack horse route. The development of the official internal airmail routes was shown. Following the opening of the Pan-American Airways operated Trans-Pacific route, airmail by various routes was displayed. The display closed with the regular New Zealand – Australia and San Francisco – Auckland routes, both closing in 1941 following the entry of Japan into the Second World War.

Vote of thanks – Stanley Gray

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