Feb 23rd: AUCTION

The Falkirk Stamp and Postcard Club held its annual Stamps and Accessories Auction in the Camelon Parish Church Hall on Thursday 23rd February at 7.30pm. Since there was 400 lots to get through, President Rab Yeardlly wasted no time in requesting the Auction to commence right away. Experienced Members of the Club acted as Auctioneer, Sold Lots Bills Organiser, Cashier, Sold Lots Identifier and Sold Lots Sorter, respectively, which allowed the Auction to flow smoothly.

At the conclusion of the sale, it was discovered that 50% of the lots had been sold, and with some marked lots, the sold price was gifted to, either Cancer Relief or to Comely Park School Stamp Club, which is supported by the Stamp Club. It was interesting to note that some of those attending the Auction were not Members of the Club, but probably Members from other Clubs, and there was a great many postal bids, which always helps.

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