Dec 3rd: SIERRA LEONE – Joe Love & Airships – Mike Turnbull

Two Members of the Society had each agreed to display some 72 sheets from their own collection. First up was a showing by Joe Love, whose chosen country was Sierra Leone. All his stamps were in complete sets, which had some very novel designs. In the country’s early philatelic days, boasted mainly of the output of diamonds and iron. This was a very interesting and colourful display.

Secondly, Mike Turnbull, put on a very different display with the theme of Airships. His display covered the history of the Zeppelins from their being used as bombers in the Italo – Turkish war in 1912 to the use by Germany, France and Italy, for spying and bombing in WW1. After that war, the Zeppelins were put to commercial use, but all that terminated in 1937 following a major crash with a great many passengers killed. Mike’s display also covered a great deal of postal history on the subject of Airships.

President Frank proposed the vote of thanks, which was responded to heartily by the Members

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