Dec 1st: SOCIETY VISIT – Scottish PS

President Rab Yeardley introduced three Members from the Scottish Philatelic Society (Edinburgh), Eric Mason, Mike Humphries and John Law, who had kindly agreed to visit and display some of their individual collections.

First to display was Eric, who had a hugely interesting collection of postcards and “covers” from and to a POW camp in Ceylon, where POW’s were sent from the Boer War (South Africa) in 1900 -1902. Very unusual. Next, Mike showed a collection of “First Day Covers” dated around the mid 1940’s from Germany, Cuba, Belgium, Austria, Brazil, Hungary, which were very varied and interesting. To put a collection of that type together, would take some time in ferreting out these postal items.

Lastly, John put on a complex display of stamps from the various named one-time British Dependencies in British Central Africa, British South Africa from 1891 up to 1975. Name changes and territorial areas, such as Nyasaland, Malawi, Zambia, are reflected in the style and presentation of the very varied issues of stamps, over time.

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