Dec 19th: ASCENSION – Mike Turnbull, ST HELENA – Alan Watson

Mike Turnbull chose the Ascension Islands to display. His stamps told some of the Postal History of the islands, together with a varied selection depicting birds, flowers and fish, which were endemic to the islands and also ships, which were, at one time, the mainstay of the British protectorate. Mike was followed by Alan Watson, who, co-incidentally, chose another island in mid Atlantic, namely St. Helena, which is well known for its association with Napoleon. While the remoteness was common to both groups of Islands, Alan’s display was quite different in his display method, which was attractive and informative and tended to hide the fact that this is a very small island with a very small population.

The President called on Bruce Petrie to propose the vote of thanks, which he did, making favourable remarks on both displays, and he asked the Members to show their appreciation. The Members responded appropriately.

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