A good turnout of Members was welcomed by retiring President, Frank Soutar. After his opening remarks, he called on the various post holders to give their report on the year’s proceedings. The Treasurer’s report shewed a healthy balance. Nothing contentious was raised except one issue which will be re-raised at a future date.

After a short tea break, there followed the election of office bearers for 2016/17, in Committee, for the ensuing year. In the absence of the existing Vice-President who is usually elected to the post of President, that was put on hold. Mrs Jean Osborne was elected the new Vice President, and the Secretary, Treasurer, Packet Secretary were re-elected, with Walter Bruce and Richard Stevenson completing the members of the Committee. Coming to the Members who are outwith the Committee but work quietly in the background, they are:- Website – Douglas Bell, Accounts Examiner – Ronnie Bell, Congress Delegate and ASPS – Mrs Jean Osborne, ABPS – Alan Watson, PRO – Alistair Moore.

Members were advised by retiring President Frank, that the Committee had agreed that the Society’s name within the Constitution had been changed to:- “FALKIRK STAMP & POSTCARD CLUB”. This change alerts anyone who is not a Member of the Club, that Postcard Collecting is a recognised Philatelic branch of Stamp Collecting. Anyone out there who collects POSTCARDS will be made very welcome. There are several Members of the Club who collect both Stamps and Postcards.

The new session will start on the 8th of September at 7.30pm.

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