Sept 7th: PRESIDENT’S NIGHT – Mrs Jean P. Osborne

New Chair Person, Mrs Jean Osborne welcomed the Members present, and, after the usual business was gone through, proceeded to display two showings of part of her stamp collection, relative to her career as a Pharmaceutical Chemist. Her stamps showed medications from way back and up to the present day, made from flowers, seeds, tree and plant roots and many chemicals, etc, etc. Jean’s display was immaculate, well described and covered issues from a great many countries. Vice- President Bill Izett was called-on to propose the vote of thanks, which he did admirably.

Sept 21st: ARGENTINA – David Cummings (Caledonian PS)

A good turnout of Members was welcomed by President Mrs Jean Osborne, who reminded Members that “Scotex”, a two day Stamp Convention, was dated for the 20/21st October at Dewar’s Centre, Perth. After the usual Club business, Jean introduced David Cummings, from Caledonia Philatelic Society, Edinburgh, whose two displays referred to the early history of Argentinian Postage Stamps, starting in 1856. David showed values, colours, straight-line cancels, ministerial (Government Departments) overprints, and a great many other variations, all of which were very interesting and well displayed. President Jean called on Member Jim Young to propose the vote of thanks, which he did admirably and Members showed their appreciation.

Oct 5th: THE GRAF SPEE – Ron Harkness (Perth PS)

President Mrs Jean Osborne opened the meeting by welcoming the members and Ron Harkess from Perth Philatelic Society. After attending to the usual Club business, Jean invited Ron to set out his displays. He spoke to his showing of stamps and postcards relative to the damage caused and the sinking of British Warships and Merchant ships, followed by the ultimate scuttling of the German battleship “Graf Spee”, in the early days of World War 2. He also had picture-postcards of some of the “Graf Spee”’s crew who chose to stay in the Argentine rather than go back to Germany, prior the scuttling of the German warship in Montivideo, which occurred on the 17th December, 1939.

After a question and answer period, Frank Soutar was called on to give a vote of thanks, which he did, admirably as usual, and the Members responded heartily.

Oct 19th: MEMBERS’ Night – ‘Have You Seen These?’

President Mrs Jean Osborne welcomed the Members, and went over the usual business items. She then invited those who wished to participate in the “Members Night – Have you seen this?” displays, to set up their contributions. The content of these displays is too numerous to list or comment on individually. Each and every one of the displays was excellent, with detailed information on the chosen subject crisply laid out, without being in too much depth. In closing the meeting, President Jean thanked those who contributed to the evening.

Nov 2nd: SOCIETY VISIT – The Postcard Club of Tayside

President Jean Osborne welcomed two Members from The Postcard Club of Tayside, who travelled to Falkirk to show parts of their collections to our Members. Firstly, Patrick Marks set up a large display of very old and interesting postcards of St. Andrews, starting with one of the earliest, first of Sept 1804, sepia coloured. These P.C’s covered beaches, street scenes, golf, fox hunting, football, and many others. All contained in approximately 150cards.
This was followed by an unusual collection of Cigarette Cards from Jim Hill, who explained how difficult it was to collect complete sets of these cards, which, of course, are not issued nowadays. The main themes were depicting Golfers, Football Players, many from Scottish Clubs, which brought back fond memories to many of our older Members. In all, two great displays. President Jean warmly thanked the visitors, and the Members showed their appreciation

Nov 16th: FISH & BUTTERFLIES – Jim McHardy

After the usual Club business was gone through, Member Jim McHardy was invited to display two of his collections. His first showing was stamps, depicting “Fish” from many corners of the world. It was impossible to count the number of “Fish” stamps he had on show, but a very cautious calculation came to well over 2,000!!

Jim’s second display was of “Butterflies” round the world. Again his collection was very numerous, clearly and cleanly displayed, and showed a prolonged hunt for stamps for his displays. The President called on Jim Young to propose the vote of thanks, which he did humorously, and the Members, responded appropriately.

Nov 30th: LIECHTENSTEIN/MUSIC – Frank Soutar & Mike Turnbull

After the usual Club business was addressed, President Jean Osborne advised the Members that displays from Members, Mike Turnbull and Frank Soutar, were the subjects for the evening. First up, Mike put on a tremendous display of well known music Composers, too many to list, of very early days, from Mozart up to The Beatles. Beautifully displayed and explained. This was followed by a magnificent display by Frank Soutar, who set out his stamps showing, again, too numerous to note in this report. The detailed references to his display was superb, and highly commended by the Members. Before closing the meeting, President Jean gave the vote of thanks, and asked the Members to show their appreciation, which they did, heartily.

Dec 14th: QUIZ NIGHT

Report to follow.


Report to follow.

Feb 22nd: AUCTION

Report to follow.